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If you’re like me, you’ve been using your spare time during the COVID quarantine watching old streams of top bucket list festivals from years past. If you’re also like me, the first things you’re itching to do once it’s completely safe to venture back out into the world is:

  1. Travel to a new destination, and 
  2. Attend a kick ass music festival. 

While the time where these activities are possible might seem like eons away, there are actions you can start taking now to prepare yourself so you’re completely ready when those festival announcements peak over the horizon. Whether you have your rave bucket list finalized, laminated, and framed, or you’re just now discovering the expansive world of overseas and out of state shows, now is the perfect time to start turning those dreams into a reality. 

Here are 5 tips to help you start planning for your dream destination festival in 2021:


1. Make a wishlist

So you want to attend a destination festival in 2021 but you don’t know which ones to put at the top of your list? Research every festival that sparks your interest, even if it may seem like it’s unrealistic. Once you have your dream list, narrow it down to your top 3-5. Take into account the locations, what lodging would look like, the time of year they take place, and how easily you would be able to fit them into your schedule. 

Focusing on only a few destination festivals makes it easier for you to plan and turn those “if only” thoughts into “I’m going.” You don’t have to attend all of them in 2021, but by starting the research of everything that goes into attending your wishlist fests, you’re already giving yourself realistic expectations you can start planning for. 

Make sure you’re following the official social media pages for the fests on your wishlist! You’ll want to see regular updates on event news, ticket releases, lineup drops, set times, etc. Most festivals (if not all) will regularly update their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with this information, so giving them a quick follow is a foolproof way to make sure you’re in the know of any updates. 


2. Start saving

This tip seems like a no brainer, but it’s also the hardest one to follow through on. It’s no surprise that raves cost money and traveling to one costs even more. The earlier you start saving and planning for any upcoming trips the better. So why not start now? 

Given the current economic climate we’re living in, you might find it harder to put away funds to support your future festival plans. But there are small ways you can start stashing cash so you’re not breaking the bank last minute. 

Start by setting up a separate savings account specifically for trip funds. Each week or month, begin feeding it a few bucks here and there. Unsure on how much you should start contributing? Stash away the amount you were willing to pay for the 2020 festivals that have been postponed. If that is too much to save all at once, start by putting in the amount you would be spending monthly on Ubers, or weekly lattes. You’ll be surprised how much you can save when you’re mindful of your miscellaneous spending.   

Another easy way to save money - create a "piggy" bank and throw your spare change/leftover cash in it weekly. It's amazing how quickly it can add up!


3. Begin booking

Already booking hotels and airfares might seem a bit too ambitious, but if you’re looking to save major cash now is the perfect time to start putting your plans into action. Start looking into the best options available for your travel and lodging plans, not just for the festival itself, but for any other excursions you might want to do around the show. 

Flights, air bnbs, hotel rooms, and all other necessities are always cheaper the further in advance you book. So do your research, get the confirmation of your crew, and pull the trigger on beginning your destination festival experience. Just make sure all reservations you book come with a full refund in case plans change. 

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4. Plan excursions

One of the best things about a destination festival is the destination. If your schedule and budget allows it, look for the most exciting things you can do around the festival before, after, or in between the event. 

Every area is its own treasure and has history and hidden gems worth exploring. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, look up the top-rated restaurants in the location. Maybe you’ll stumble across a recipe you can try to recreate at home. If you travel out of the country for your fest, look up surrounding countries or destination points you’d love to visit once you’re over there. Travel between European countries is always a lot cheaper than traveling overseas. You’d be surprised at the amount of places you can visit with a small budget. If you’re unable to get the extended vacation hours off work and can’t extend your stay past the festival dates, look for activities to do before the doors open each day. Already planning to head to Europe for Tomorrowland? Maybe you’ll find yourself at the Jameson Factory in Ireland for a few days before the show! The possibilities are truly endless. 


5. Put together your outfits

If you find yourself struggling to beat boredom this year, start throwing together looks that can serve as your outfits for your dream destination festival. Most festivals have a theme or specific vibe that you can use as the inspiration to your fashion choices. Want to blend in with the crowd? Look up how people in your festival destination like to rave. Ravers in the U.S. tend to dress up a bit more than those in other countries. 

Whether you choose to stand out or camouflage in with the other festival-goers, you can start creating your outfits while you wait for 2021. Already have a trunk full of rave gear? See if you can create unique looks by pairing different pieces together. Need something new? Check out your favorite festival fashion sites that are still stocked with apparel and boasting sales. If you already have your outfits finalized, start mastering your hair and makeup looks. Don’t be afraid to pull inspiration and tips from some of your favorite Instagram influencers to spice up your looks and expand your skills. 

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While the 2020 blues might be getting you down, there’s plenty of ways to keep your spirits high when you have something monumental planned on the horizon. Planning ways to attend your dream destination fest in 2021 is a great way to keep yourself occupied, learn how to responsibly save for the events that bring you joy, and flex your creative muscles. Whether you dream of attending Ultra Japan, Tomorrowland, Beyond Wonderland, Electric Forest, Shamabala, or any others, it’s never too soon to grow your excitement and put plans in motion. 

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