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The most wonderful weekend of the year is just around the corner: EDC 2022!  EDC Las Vegas is THE destination for ravers across the Globe and we can't wait to see what Insomniac will bring to this year's event. We have brought you the coolest rave outfit ideas for girls and EDC 2022 clothing ideas to help you make the most out of your experience. 

EDC Vegas is held over the course of three days at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and will take place this year on Friday, May 20th - Sunday, May 22nd, 2022. According to weather averages, we will likely see temperature averages of 90s during the day and 70s at night. This is excellent news for EDC outfit planning this year. You'll be able to be comfortable all day into the night. Are you ready to rave EDC?

EDC girls know the best part of planning is coming up with your EDC outfits. This can particularly be a fun thing to do amidst the tedious tasks of corralling up your friends and coordinating flights, hotels, shuttles, etc. Wondering what to wear to EDC?  If you are looking for the best EDC outfits, we have got you covered. 

We have the most EDC outfits for sale on our website. Keep reading to check out the hottest EDC outfits and rave costume ideas that are sure to be a smash hit at EDC 2022. For more outfit inspiration, check out the Electric Love Collection from iHeartRaves.

This blog post was last updated on 2/18/2022.

What to Wear to EDC:

  1. Neon Clothes
  2. Corsets
  3. Trippy Prints
  4. Reflective Clothing
  5. Butterfly Clothing & Accessories
  6. Pastel Outfits
  7. All Black Looks
  8. Mesh Outfits and Layering
  9. Holographic Clothing
  10. Rhinestones & Sparkles
  11. Fishnet Looks
  12. Platforms
  13. What do Guys Wear to EDC?
  14. Cowboy Theme

1. Neon Clothes

Neon has always been huge in the rave fashion game and that makes us oh-so-thankful. Neon rave outfits are such a fun way to express your inner wild-child and EDC girls rely on them. From neon bodysuits to neon rave sets, these are essential to EDC clothing. 

neon outfit

Showgirl Sparkle Outfit

Showgirl Sparkle Outfit

Go Hard Outfit

Neon Funkadelic Outfit

EDC clothes

Left: Nighttime Escapades Fishnet Top, Demand Attention High Cut Thong Booty Shorts in Black, Need 4 Speed Corset Top, Megawatt Reflective Cargo Chaps.

Right: Call My Line Thin Strappy Crop Top, Demand Attention High Cut Thong Booty Shorts in Green.

Similar Looks: Totally Slayin' Mini Skirt Set, Make It Werk Mesh Tank & Biker Short Set, Tempt Me Stud Two-Piece Short Set

@k_shaww on Instagram


The Highlight Bling Rhinestone Skirt Set

Servin' Pink Looks Reflective Chain Chaps

It's My World Vinyl Crop Top and Skater Skirt, Nomad Kandi X iHeartRaves Space Babe Earrings and Harness Leg Garters

Similar Top: It's My World Vinyl Crop Top, In Charge of Looks Vinyl Cheeky String Thong, Nomad Kandi X iHeartRaves Funky Town Belt and Earrings, Strappy Leg Garters

Sparkle From Within Butterfly Sequin Crop Top, Lavender Dreamz Holo High Cut Booty Shorts

While neon looks great paired with other neons, you can also create a fun, but badass look by adding elements of black. Always remember, the best EDC attire is what you feel most comfortable in.  

Best of Both Worlds Wrap Around Bikini Top, Mesh Biker Shorts, In Charge of Looks Vinyl Cheeky String Bottoms

Shop Similar: Neva Nude Neon Melty Smiley Pasties, Get Bradified Ghost Me Glow Hair Extensions, Wild Thing Garter Utility Belt


Basic Baddie Triangle Top, Need 4 Speed Clasp Corset Top, Ride N' Flirty Rhinestone Mesh Biker Short Set, High Waisted Thong Booty Shorts

Break The Matrix Splice Wrap Around Bikini Top, Retro Gal Square Sunglasses, Ultra Hi-Rise Booty Shorts, Darkest Hours Chain Chaps 

2. Corsets

EDC women aren't afraid to show a little skin. Corsets are this season's must have accessory. Specifically, underbust corsets that will allow you to show off the rest of your outfit. Pair with a mesh bodysuit or top and pasties for a daring look. Use a corset as the basis for your EDC outfits ideas. 

Rave Cowgirl Outfit

3. Trippy Prints

Make a statement with one of our trippy print looks for your EDC costume. These wild and unique patterns are sure to land all eyes on you. Looking for a less bold look? Pair a trippy print with a black item of clothing to create a super trippy effect while still looking cool and sleek.

Shop all Liquid Tripp Styles

Have A Nice Tripp Outfit

Magic Psychedelic Outfit

Trippy Tribe Outfit

Disturbia Outfit

Psychedelic Wonderland Outfit

kaleidoscope top

Kaleidoscope Kween O Ring Halter Top and Pants


4. Reflective Clothing

Reflective prints are still one of THE hottest looks in festival fashion and we are here for it. Need EDC ideas? This is it. Reflective EDC festival outfits will pop on the dance floor. Not only do these styles look amazing, but any photo with a flash will look totally awesome! Sometimes the best EDC outfit ideas start with one simple piece. 

Lightning Speed Outfit

Certified Radiant Outfit

reflective top

Crazy Daisy Reflective Cut Out Top and Skirt

dazzling stars top

Dazzling Stars Reflective Triangle Top

reflective top

Dazzling Stars Reflective Underboob Top

reflective crop top
reflective high waisted bottoms
reflective chaps

5. Butterfly Clothing and Accessories

Every gal wants to spread her wings and fly. Spread your wings in these adorable butterfly outfits and accessories. Butterflies are the perfect addition to your EDC Vegas outfits. EDC girls know how to rock the coolest styles. Cute butterflies will elevate your EDC rave outfits to the next level. 

Neon Pink butterfly set

Fly Free Butterfly Choker Set, Butterfly Groove Front Tie Crop Top, Butterfly Groove High Waisted Booty Shorts 


Butterfly Groove Mesh Tie Front Crop Top and Bell Bottoms, Come Fly With Me Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly Connection Halter Top

6. Pastel Outfits

Pastel outfits in tones of baby pink, blue & lavender are always a sweet and cute choice. Pair these looks with silver, holographic and sparkly accessories. Electric daisy carnival girls are known for being extra sweet! You can always use pastel as a basis for your EDC outfits and EDC costume ideas.

Dancefloor Diva Outfit

So Sagittarius Outfit

Disco Doll Outfit

Liquid Emotions Outfit

Groovy Love Outfit

Strawberryscape Outfit

mesh bikini top
@streamqueen_xo in Fauxy Fur Tube Top


8. All Black Looks

You can never go wrong with all black for your simple edc outfits. If you wanna feel like a baddie, pair booty shorts or a mini skirt with a mesh black top and thigh high boots. When choosing the pieces for your black outfit, look at the details and go with items that have something unique about them such as a buckle or harness element. 

Clasp It In Cut Out Crop Top, Lyte Couture Dark Starr Fishnet Chain Cage Top, Ultra Hi-Rise Booty Shorts

Mesh Bikini Top, Talk Dirty Side Slit Chain Mini Skirt, Malibu BB Cutout Crop Top

ring top
It's My World Vinyl Crop Top and Skater Skirt

9. Mesh Outfits and Layering 

I consider mesh to be the ‚Äúlittle black dress‚ÄĚ of the rave scene. Every girl simply needs to have a few mesh outfits for womens EDC. Mesh is nice to have, especially because you can create multiple looks by switching out the tops or bottoms that you wear underneath.¬†

 @streamqueen_xo wearing Mesh Underboob Ring Top, Too Cute 2 Handle Layered Mesh Mini Skirt

10. Holographic Clothing

You ain't no hollaback girl, but you can definitely be a holographic gal! iHeartRaves offers tons of Holographic items including EDC clothes, EDC shorts and EDC tops. Just search for "Holographic" on for hundreds of options, like these:

Pink Paradise Outfit

Rave Babe Activate Outfit

Galaxy Gal Outfit

@verycherryyy  in Magical Dream Lace Up Tube Top, Moon Lite Suspender Mini Skirt


11. Rhinestones and Sparkles

Rhinestones, sequins and sparkles are a must-have at EDC. Frowns will turn upside down once they catch sight of your radiant shine! Having a sparkly element to your look is essential to electric daisy carnival outfits. No rave girl costume is complete without a little glitter. 

Wild West Enchantress Outfit


@sheflieshigh in our Compelled Fishnet Bodysuit


Glamour Girl Pearl Studed Marabou Pant Set

Same Ol' Me But More Fab Rhinestone Crop Top and Mesh Bell Bottoms

12. Fishnet Looks

One of the easiest EDC ideas is to wear fishnet. Fishnet tops are the ultimate EDC crop tops. Whether you wear black, white or rainbow-colored fishnet material as a shirt, crop top, bodysuit or leggings, fishnets will keep you looking hot AF while keeping you cool in the Vegas heat. EDC girls always have the most wicked style. 

Lyte Couture Dark Starr Fishnet Chain Cage Top, Lyte Couture Dark Starr Speed Clasp Fishnet Skirt 

@trickykenicki Ultimate Baddie Fishnet Thong Booty Shorts, 

12. Platforms

Give your outfit that little extra 'oomf by adding platform shoes to your look. Platforms come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors and are absolutely essential to your EDC outfit. In addition to giving your outfit that little bit of extra flair, chances are that the extra height will be nice for seeing the stages! EDC boots come in all colors and heel heights but platforms are definitely the most fun.

Never worn platforms to a festival? Check out this guide for Wearing Platforms to a Festival

Demonia X IHR Holo Flame Let's Stomp Hiker Boots


13. What do Guys Wear to EDC?

If you're looking for an outfit for bae, we suggest styling some colorful rave shorts for men with a cool tank top or tee. Raver costume ideas, EDC clothing and EDC wear is suited for any gender.

Fractal Wonderland Glow-In-The-Dark Tee

Sapphire Fields Shorts

If you're looking for something to keep warm during those early hours right before sunrise at EDC, iHeartRaves also has tons of cool hoodies for men. Joggers are also a great way to keep those raver vibes and stay warm on chilly festival nights. You could also top off your look with an Electric Daisy Carnival hat.

Neon Tropics Joggers

Be sure to check out the men's section of the site for more inspiration.

14. Cowboy Theme

The cowboy theme is super popular this year. With fun prints and sparkly sequins, iHeartRaves has tons of cowboy-themed looks to sift through if you want to go for a wild west vibe at EDC Las Vegas. These are some of my favorites.

Dashing Starlight Unicorn Outfit

cowgirl outfit

cowgirl costume

Seein' Red Cowgirl Costume Set

EDC girls know that EDC costumes are just a part of the amazing event experience. You wanna look your best in EDC clothing as you dance the night away to your favorite DJs. We hope you liked our EDM outfit ideas and EDC outfits for girls! Just head to our website if you're looking for EDC outfit for sale.

If you're still looking for more inspo, check out these pre-styled rave outfit ideas. Never been to EDC? Check out this post for tips for first time EDC attendees.


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