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Last week, thousands of ravers rejoiced over the anticipated lineup announcement for Bass Canyon 2020! Get ready for three days of headbanging at one of the most beautiful venues in America from August 28 - 30th!  I was lucky enough to attend the first year and it was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had. Based on my first Bass Canyon experience, I've compiled 5 tips that can help you prepare for Bass Canyon. This year is expected to be even better and bigger!

Based on my first Bass Canyon experience, I've compiled 5 tips that can help you prepare for Bass Canyon:

1. Buy Your Tickets Early

This festival is likely to sell out, so make sure you get your tickets ASAP. There are a lot of different packages for tickets, so read carefully before making a decision. Also, note that your ticket DOES NOT include camping, so you'll need to purchase a camping pass separately. There are also three options for layaway plans that are available until June 5th (provided the event doesn't sell out). I would also highly recommend purchasing a pre-party pass in addition to your ticket, which gets you access to a lit pre-game on Thursday (the night before the event officially starts). This year, the pre-party is scheduled to be inside the Gorge instead of in the campgrounds, which could be a really cool opportunity to have access into the Gorge before everybody else! 

Rave at the Gorge During Bass Canyon

2. Buy Premier Camping

As I mentioned above, you'll need to coordinate with your squad to purchase a camping pass or package, in addition to your tickets. The Gorge Amphitheater offers five different options for camping, from Standard Camping to upgraded camping such as Terrace Camping and Easy Camping. The best option for the price is definitely Premier Camping; it’s closer to the venue, has bigger camping spots, has the best views of the Gorge on the campsite, and has private shuttles and free showers. I did Standard Camping last year and it was definitely fun- I had some really nice camping neighbors and it was a homey spot. However, the perks that Premier Camping offers is definitely worth the price. It’ll make your camping experience much better, especially when the Gorge is your home for the next three days! I’d definitely do Premier this year myself. This option sells out the fastest, so make sure you buy it ASAP! You can purchase camping passes and see what each one offers here.

Bass Canyon Festival Map

Image Courtesy of Bass Canyon

3. Make a Packing List and Check it Twice!

Many people fly from all of the U.S. and world to go to the Gorge and I was one of those people too. It’s a trip worth taking, for both the amazing venue as well as the festival! If you’re flying in like I was, make a packing list of items you need for camping! My squad and I rented a car in Seattle and drove to a nearby store to buy everything that was on our list, rather than fly with the supplies. Here is the official list from Bass Canyon's website that include some essential and important items to bring!

What to Pack for Bass Canyon 2019

Image Courtesy of Bass Canyon

Make sure to check the FAQs on Bass Canyon’s site to know what else is prohibited into the campsite and festival, as well as other common questions.

4. Bring Something to Share With Your Squad

Attending a camping festival with your squad is always a fun time! To make it much more fun for your whole group, I recommend making a totem or a festival flag for your group! Bass Canyon was the first festival that I made a totem for. I really enjoyed designing my totem and decking it out! It’s fun to show off your creativity to the whole crowd. Making a totem also helps your squad find you in a sea of ravers, so you’ll never lose your friends again. Some other fun items to share with your squad include those blow-up lounge chairs. They’re allowed into the venue and campsite and it's perfect for laying on at the Gorge since there’s so much room at this venue, you can lounge and still enjoy the show. You can check out my blog post for totem inspiration + a tutorial to build a light-up totem!

Rave Totem Pole

5. Deck Out Your Campsite and Squad Outfits!

iHeartRavesUnicorn Crew at Bass Canyon

With the campsite being your home for three days, you want to make it as homey as possible! And with so many tents everywhere, it can sometimes be hard to locate your exact spot. Decorate your campsite! Not only does it make it much more unique, but it can also help you find your tent. Many people use flags, totems, and even balloons to pinpoint their tent. When it gets dark, it can be even harder to find your tent. You can use battery-powered string lights and LED strips to help light up your tent as well as guide you back to your tent at night! It looks cool and is helpful too. Decorating your tent is also the chance to express what you love! I saw so many cool flags and tapestries at the campsite, and it was cool to talk to ravers about their decorations, especially if it’s something you like as well! Many people brought cool items to the campsite as well, such as speakers, corn hole boards, and games that make camping much more fun for everyone. Also, if you need Bass Canyon outfit inspiration for the campground or the festival itself, we've got you covered!

Bass Canyon was an unforgettable experience for me. The Gorge is one venue that all ravers NEED to go to at least once! The views you get while raving and camping are breathtaking and unreal. Also, three days of the heaviest and dirtiest drops- what could be better? Bass Canyon is a festival that you should not miss! 


See you at the Gorge!


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