Urban Dictionary for Ravers
Julia Sachs | May 16, 2024

Urban Dictionary for Ravers

If you're new to the rave scene you've probably noticed a lot of slang terms that ravers use to refer to certain things. Whether it be something about the music, the scene or the people in it there are lots of sayings that ravers use both online and IRL. Here is a running list of popular raver terms and what they mean:

Back 2 Back (B2B)

  • Two or more DJs playing a set together.


  • a new version of a song created by someone who was not the original producer, and without the stems.

The Build

  • the part of the song that speeds up rapidly and builds energy before the drop. 


  • people who get to a spot and stay there waiting for the set they are interested in seeing several hours later. They don’t show much enthusiasm for the sets they aren’t interested in that come before the one they came to see, but stick around so they don’t lose their spot.

The Drop

  • The catchiest part of the song that comes right after the build. You'll know when it hits.


  • Feelings


  • Describes a beat and means it's good


  • Another word for a bootleg.


  • Fluid movement of dancing or flow toy manipulation.

Front Left, Front Right, Back Right, Back Left 

  • Where you stand/dance/hangout with your friends in relation to where the stage is. It's usually referring to the perspective from the crowd, not stage directions which would be the opposite.


  • A style of flow featuring gloves with micro LEDs at the fingertips. Flow artists move their fingers in elaborate and mesmerizing patters. 


  • See “Filthy”
  • Grime also refers to a genre within the drum and bass genre, specifically referencing UK grime and the music that comes from that underground scene.


  • The main artist people come to the show to see. Usually has the biggest logo on the flyer and plays last. 


  • An unreleased artist or song title (ex. ID - ID means we don’t know the artist or song title)


  • Stretchy, colorful bracelets made from pony beads that often say words or phrases. They are made by ravers to give to other ravers at events.

Kandi trades

  • When one raver trades a Kandi with another raver at an event. There is a special way we do this and it involves hand motions for each part of PLUR.

Light Show

  • When a flow artist demonstrates their skills with LED flow toys to a targeted individual.


  • A large show almost on the level of a festival.


  • The DJ that opens the show for the headliner. 


  • Similar to kandi but instead of the beads being on a bracelet, they are small beads melted together to form a design. Often used on necklaces or as attachments to Kandi cuffs.


  • Stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. This term was created in the 90s and is still widely used in the rave scene. PLUR reminds us how to treat people at raves, festivals and beyond.

Rave Aunt

  • She’s as experienced as the Rave Mom, but is down to get lost in the sauce

Rave Baby

  • Someone who is new to the rave scene. They probably don’t have a favorite EDM genre yet and are still unsure of their personal style.

Rave Cave

  • either when a rave is in an enclosed venue vs. outside or when you make a room to rage in at your house

Rave Mom

  • Someone who has been raving for at least 2 years and is the leader of the group. Will be your buddy for bathroom breaks, make sure you have water and snacks and often plan what DJs the group is going to see.

Rave Squad/ Rave Fam

  • The group you are going with to a particular rave or your rave family that you go with to every event. They might be your best friends or your friends that you mostly only go to raves with but don't see elsewhere.


  • A handmade sign that a rave group makes so you can see it in the crowd. This works wonders if you have to leave your group to go somewhere but want to be able to find them again.

The Pit

  • The center of the crowd close to the stage. 


  • Dancing super hard to heavy music.

Rail Rider

  • Someone who goes hard on the rail


  • A new version of a song created by someone who was not the original producer with the stems (sound design, vocals, etc)


  • A style of dance stemming from the running man with a swing influence. 

Techno snob

  • Someone who is very into techno and is picky about techno music. They might also like to talk poorly about the artist they don’t like.


  • A type of EDM with hip hop origins featuring complex triplet hi-hat patterns and kick drums. Trap’s tempo typically falls within 130-170 BPM. 


  • A person who dresses in pashminas, goes to transformative festivals and can probably be found chilling on the ground or in a hammock. They're usually dirty and can be known to mooch off of others or get really intoxicated. This is usually a negative term but can sometimes only refer to a style of festival fashion similar to a hippie.


  • A new version of a song created by the original producer (stands for Variation In Progress)
  • An elevated experience at a festival that usually offers better bathrooms or access, usually at a higher price tag than General Admission.
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The Ultimate Guide to Decadence Arizona 2023
Julia Sachs | December 08, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Decadence Arizona 2023

If you haven’t rang in the new year during a Chris Lake set, can you say you rightfully rang in the new year? Arizona’s largest New Year’s Eve celebration is back this December 30-31 in Goodyear as Decadence AZ: The Sky Realm. As last year’s theme was “Ancient Future,” ravers of this new year (and upcoming next year) are continuing the exploration of Relentless Beats’ alternate worlds of entertainment and lore of carefully curated EDM soundscapes.

Welcoming to Arizona’s stage for the first time on this lineup is Bleu Clair, Disco Lines, as well as returning favorites such as Slander and Chris Lake. Grab your tickets here before it's too late! 

Event and Lineup

Phoenix Raceway, located in Avondale, Arizona is the lofty, heavenly palace for this winter wonderland event. The five stages: The Grand Palace, The Royal Ballroom, The Bazaar, The Playground presented by Beatbox, and the newest stage of them all, The Quiet Quarters Silent Disco will enterprise a soundscape for the shuffling house bunnies, headbangers, and those who want to share the love next to the rails in front of their hometown DJ/producer.

The Grand Palace is the dreamscape main stage for performing artists Steve Aoki, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and John Summit. The Royal Ballroom is the platform for decked-out dances from attendees constructed from the sounds of Getter, Green Velvet, and Shiba San B2B CID. The Bazaar is an entertainment lounge featuring Voodoo Ranger’s 1UP video game arcade and Starlight Studio displaying live artist painting.

New to The Bazaar is the RE:SOUND music takeover highlighting underground artists Brando and Elwer. Highlighting more underground artists is The Playground Stage with AVITAS and Electric Polar Bears while hosting USA dodgeball for those wanting more physical fun.

Is it actually a festival if there’s no silent disco? Raising the roof on this sonic experience is the highly anticipated Quiet Quarters Silent Disco Stage presented by Chillax with familiar Arizonan DJs such as LIMITLESS and HEYBUD!. 

Single day and 2-day passes start at $139. If you’re looking for an enhanced experience, GA+ VIP passes, and tables are also available for purchase. For all tickets and extras to provide accommodations, visit the official Decadence AZ website.  

Travel and Hotels

Arriving and exiting the event with a designated driver and vehicle is the best case scenario for transportation as parking is always free; premium parking is available. Plus, uber rides may become too expensive at 2am or not enough drivers are able to complete your transformation request (speaking from experience).

New ravers: it’s never too early to buy a ticket/travel package when phase one of every lineup is released. Travel and ticket packages make ravers’ lives easier with travel arrangements, but as of right now, ticket and hotel packages are sold out! 

After landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) and checking into a nearby hotel, a 30-minute uber ride is required to arrive at Phoenix Raceway. Goodyear, Arizona is a neighboring city with plenty of hotels and access to ubers/rideshare. In fact, Goodyear is closer to Phoenix Raceway than Phoenix.

As always, Relentless Beats offers shuttle packages for roundtrip transportation from Downtown Tempe which is 25 minutes away from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. If absolutely necessary, it can be wise to buy a shuttle pass and request an Ubur transportation from the shuttle stop in Tempe because Tempe is a college town with many Lyft/Ubur drivers ready to bring you home! 

What to Wear to Decadence AZ 2023

Staying warm is the name of the game for this late December adventure, but go ahead and express yourself! Layer, layer, layer! It may not be muddy on the raceway, but it’ll be wet puddles and soaked shoes if Mother Nature’s rain joins the fever for frolicking. Starting your outfit off with a long-sleeved crop top or puffer jacket is a great way to avoid shivering between sets, consider iHeartRaves’ Happy Hour Cropped Puffer Jacket and Dark Meets Light Rainbow Reflective Bodysuit. Are you more of a full-outfit-set-kind-of-raver?

The Boogie Blast Outfit Collection is calling your name to dress in butterflies and disco balls! I can’t forget my lovers of pink out there who would make the sun and sky jealous with the Urban Chaos Fringe Jacket (also available in black) paired with Space Junk Scrunch Pants for a monochromatic look. As for the couples ready to share their midnight kiss with matching outfits, The Deep Night Collection is not only reflective but an iHR exclusive, too!

My personal favorite from iHR’s new arrivals are the Renegade Lace Up Boots with Pouch which are protective, fashionable boots that can carry your personal items–puddles won’t be your enemy in these steppers! 

What to Bring to Groove in Cozy Comfort 

Even in Arizona, winter brings wet showers and low temperatures. Bring the following items below to stay warm and dry on the dance floor. 

  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
  • Rain boots or footwear designed for puddles and mud 
  • An extra hoodie or jacket to keep in a rentable locker or leave with coat check on the festival grounds (in case you hate feeling like a wet cat in the rain) 


Can you name a better way to ring in the new year than seeing the sunrise after leaving the after-party? After Deca night 2, an after party for the nightcrawlers is guaranteed to sell out as  tickets are listed at $40 for sale here and must be purchased with your single-day or weekend pass. The performing artists and lineup for the after-party hasn’t been announced yet, but Relentless Beats after parties never disappoint as the experience becomes increasingly immersive with your favorite headliners!

How to Coordinate Group Festival Outfits
Julia Sachs | November 10, 2023

How to Coordinate Group Festival Outfits

Whether you and your besties are heading to a music fest or just want to slay the fashion game at any event, I've got all the deets you need to look totally amazing together. No need to stress, just follow these chic ideas for the most unforgettable group looks ever!

Monochrome Magic 💖

Let's start with the classic monochrome look, babes! This is when you and your crew pick a single color and totally rock it from head to toe. Just choose a color that flatters everyone in the group and go wild! You can mix and match different shades of the same color or keep it simple with a single shade. Trust me, you'll be turning heads everywhere you go!

Girl Code outfit

Techno Snob Outfit

Red Hot Raver Outfit

Fuego Fever outfit

Wear the Same Outfit 👯‍♀️

For those of you who want to take it to the next level of togetherness, why not wear the exact same outfit? Yup, you heard me right! Matching outfits are super cute and totally show off your squad. Plus, it's a surefire way to stand out in the crowd. Just make sure to choose something that everyone feels comfortable and confident in. It's all about rocking that coordinated style!

Lunita X iHR Sweet Serendipity Outfit

Mellow Flow Bell Outfit

Rodeo Raver Outfit

Sugar Venom Lace Up Outfit

Pick a Theme 🌟

Feeling a bit more adventurous, darlings? Picking a theme for your group festival outfits is a fabulous idea! You can go all out with themes like '70s disco, boho babes, or even futuristic space explorers. Once you've chosen your theme, brainstorm some killer outfit ideas that fit the vibe. Then, hit the stores and hunt for the perfect pieces to bring your theme to life. Get ready to slay the festival game like never before!

Ignite My Fire Fishnet Outfit 

Ignite My Fire Lace Up Outfit

Ignite My Fire Clasp Outfit

Rave-A-Saurus Outfit

Rave-A-Saurus Robe Outfit

Rave-A-Saurus Summer Outfit

Do a Group Costume 🎭

If you and your friends are the playful type, why not go for a full-on group costume? It's like Halloween came early, but in a totally stylish way! Choose a theme that you all adore and get creative with your costumes. Whether you want to be a squad of superheroes, your favorite movie characters, or even emojis, the options are endless. Just make sure to have fun with it and embrace your inner diva!

Lunita Dollhouse Diva Outfit

Lunita Dollhouse Diva Goddess Outfit

Accessorize to the Max 💎

Accessorizing is like the cherry on top of your festival outfit, babes! Even if you're not wearing the same clothes, coordinating your accessories can make a huge impact. Think matching sunglasses, statement hats, or even themed jewelry. It's all about those little details that bring your group's look together. Get ready to shine like the fashion stars you are!

Neva Nude White Reflective Cross Pasties

Neon Zone Pink Reflective Cross Pasties

Pair of Non-Slip Reflective Leg Wraps

Sasswear Rainbow Reflective Star Pasties and Body Sticker Set

Angel LED Butterfly Fairy Wings

Hop Stuff LED Bunny Ears

Mix and Match 🌈

Last but not least, if your group is all about individuality, you can totally mix and match your festival outfits. This means each of you can express your unique style while still coordinating as a group. Just decide on a color palette or a general style guide to keep things harmonious. This way, you can show off your personalities and still look like a squad of fashion-forward babes.

So, there you have it, dolls! Coordinating group festival outfits is all about having fun, being creative, and showing off your fierce style. Whether you go monochrome, wear the same outfit, pick a theme, do a group costume, accessorize like crazy, or mix and match, just remember to werk it with confidence and have a blast at the festival. Now go out there and slay those fashion goals together! 💁‍♀️✨

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How to Make Friendship Bracelets for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour
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Behind the Collection: HALIENE
Julia Sachs | April 19, 2023

Behind the Collection: HALIENE

Part of what sets a dance music act apart from others is the ability to include unique vocals in the music. What Haliene brings to life is just that, with a combination of dreamy, trance-like beats to set the pace with her ethereal vocals. 
iHR: Tell us a bit about the collection: What inspired it? What concepts are you excited to bring to life?
HALIENE: This collection is inspired by much of the same ideas that inspired my debut album, Heavenly! I wear a lot of sparkly pieces onstage, and I’ve seen a lot of my fans embracing that same shine at my shows.
I get so many messages of fans asking me where I get my stage outfits (and the answer is iHeartRaves and scouring the internet, or I design/combine things myself), that I wanted to create a collection that both my fans and I could wear, that celebrated what I call the divine feminine. We went with the ethereal colors of white and iridescent pink/purple that to me represent that energy.
As a woman in an industry dominated by men, I have found an inspiring juxtaposition that there is power and strength in embracing the beauty of our feminine essence, and I wanted this collection to empower others to do the same. Like the lyrics in my song Glass Heart express, "we can be both breakable, beautiful and tough as diamonds at the same time." 
The Butterfly aspect on the pink outfit was inspired by my songs "Butterfly" and "Metamorphosis." Sometimes in life, only after we have gone through the hardest challenges is when we find our true colors and are able to fly. I’ve found this to be true in my own life, and I hope anyone wearing this gorgeous fit can find their wings too.
iHR: What were some of the challenges you faced in creating this collection? 
HALIENE: It was definitely challenging distilling the ethereal qualities of my lyrics and music into a piece of clothing. iHeartRaves and I worked hard on mood boards and fabric ideas for a year, and I’m so proud of what we were able to create together.
The pandemic has also added additional challenges [like] backlogging the supply chain, so it takes a long time to design and launch a new product. We’ve had this issue with my merch too, and many artists are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic.
iHR: I love the celestial look you were styled in for your Heavenly album cover. What did you look to for inspiration in creating that look?
HALIENE: The dress I’m wearing I made out of a shimmery blush and lavender fabric, a corset I hand painted gold, a random tulle skirt and a cropped rhinestone bra top. I found these incredible handmade crowns on Etsy from the Czech Republic, and I knew I wanted to create the image for Heavenly with one of them.
I wanted the look to have an effortless, flowing, fade-into-the-clouds feel, but to be structured and powerful as well… to be soft and yet somehow cut through the noise. On Heavenly I dive into some deep spiritual concepts and life experiences. The undertone of the album is always that pain is earthly, but we are Heavenly.
iHR: You're about to play a festival in your home state for the first time at Get Lucky, what is that like? 
HALIENE: Get Lucky was insane! We battled a huge storm and the stage nearly got shut down, but V2 was able to get everything back on track without a hitch! Core memories were definitely made. The Utah crowd was incredible, the kind of crowd you hope for. Even though I’ve gotten to play EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando, Dreamstate, EDC Mexico and so many more, playing a festival in my home state was a big moment for me personally. I got to debut my new single, "Hollow" on the day it came out, and despite the extreme weather my Aliens showed up in full force and the tent was packed corner to corner!
iHR: Favorite festival memory?
HALIENE: As a performer: playing my own set at EDC Las Vegas was surreal. I had attended for years and it was a big moment in my journey of being recognized as a solo, headlining artist. 
As an attendee: One of the things I love about dance music culture is it’s unity, and taking care of one another. I remember losing my friends at a festival once, not being to reach them on my phone, and finding myself alone, scared and overwhelmed.
Another rave fam found me, and immediately invited me into their group. We watched Above & Beyond together on the main stage and, not even knowing my name they made me feel thought of, cared for, and part of their family. I don’t remember their names now, but they were not an anomaly. That’s the culture of PLUR as it should be, to care for one another. I’ll never forget that moment.
IHR: If you created a piece of kandi right now, what would it say?
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Beyond Wonderland Pacific Northwest Guide
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Beyond Wonderland Pacific Northwest Guide

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