Mushroom print rave clothes are one of the hottest trends right now, and for a good reason. These patterns are so cute and come in a ton of different styles! Here are a few fun ways to rock a mushroom print at your next festival.

Garden Fairy Vibes

Embrace mother nature and go for an earthy mushroom outfit. A piece with natural-colored mushrooms and boho details will help you create this look. Start with something like the Trippy Flip Mushroom Fringe Triangle Top. The fringe accents and classic red and white shrooms will make you feel like a carefree garden goddess. Finish the look with the Fairy Feeling Wing Ear Cuff and have a magical time at any festival!

Trippy Flip Mushroom Triangle Top

Neon Shrooms

Stand out in shrooms with neon prints. Brilliant and bold colors are a staple in rave fashion. You can do an all-over neon look or highlight the glowing pigments on a black background. Reminiscent of trendy neon signs, these Dazed & Confused Rainbow Mushroom Chaps bring a retro vibe to a modern style. You can pair them with the matching top and bottom, an all black set, or more neon.

Lucid Dreaming Rainbow Mushroom Top

Trippy Fungi

Most mushroom prints come in trippy colors and patterns, so you’ll have lots of options if you choose to style your shrooms this way. This Liquid Rainbow Jersey is super trippy, with mushroom shapes swirled into an acidic lava design. If you’re looking for something more simple, the For The Culture Joggers feature a melting mushroom that is subtly psychedelic.

Lyte Couture X iHR Dazed Mushroom Set

Accessories To Grow On

Mushroom accessories are so cute. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit, even if you aren’t wearing any mushroom prints. Imagine a pink and white bodysuit paired with the pink Magic Mushroom Choker, pink Lil Cottage Mushroom Earrings and the Pinky Promise Mushroom Leg Garter. Not only would this look be adorable and trendy, but it would be totally unique! Accessories really let you add your own personal flare to any outfit.

Lil' Cottage Mushroom Earrings

Playful Prints

Even if you aren’t feeling the neutral or trippy shroom looks, you can style this trend. Go for something more playful with bright colors and whimsical shapes. This Lucid Dreaming Rainbow Mushroom Harness Skirt covers vivid mushrooms in fun shapes like stars and smileys. The pink attached garters add another unique element to the cheerful piece.

Sacred Shrooms Shorts

Matching In Mushrooms

Now you know that there are tons of ways to style shroom prints. This means that everyone in your rave fam could match in mushrooms while still maintaining their individual styles. Whether you choose to all wear the same pattern or go in totally different directions, you’ll look awesome together in mushroom-inspired looks.

Liquid Rainbow Men's Jersey