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Feral girl summer is in full swing. Raving is more than just a hobby, it's a practice—and going feral is just part of that. But with any practice there are some rules. Want to have the feral girl summer that you deserve? Here is your bible: 

Leave bad vibes at home

That guy who won't text you back? That friend who hurt you? Your boss? Stop thinking about them. Cut off that person you're in the situationship with and buy some flights and festival tickets. Any feral girl knows to check her bad vibes at the door for the weekend and enjoy herself. Your purse is too small to carry all of that baggage anyway. 

Hot Girls Listen To Techno Outfit

Stay hydrated

I get it, the energy is electric and you’re ready to rage, but don’t forget to take care of your body. Stay hydrated, babes! Keep a water bottle on you and take sips between sets. Trust me, your future self will thank you. Being hydrated keeps you in the game longer. Vodka sodas kind of count though. Get creative with it. 

iHR x Rolita Couture Mystery Planet Fusion Outfit

Dance on any elevated surface

The stage, a table, a truck bed, the roof? There's just something about being elevated above the crowd that feels so much more unhinged, but in a good way. Feral girls cannot be contained to just the dance floor. 

Liya Kitten x iHR Kandi Land Bow Outfit

Hit the afters 

Afters are a way of life. In most cities, the afters are where you're going to find some of the best music and some of the most unique venues. We're not talking about doing afters in someone's apartment—we're talking about those warehouse parties that go all night long and don't stop. 

Bass On My Mind Outfit

Ride the rail

Raving is just better up there. Get a hydration pack and prepare to rage the night away at the rail. If you want to feel the music deep into your soul, the rail is just where you have to be. I've seen lives change on the rail. The rail is a way of life. 

Nostalgia Fringe Bikini Outfit

Get three olives 

It's time to get into hot girl drinks, and trust me when I say that a dirty martini with precisely three olives is the ultimate hot girl drink. Why three olives? I don't know, but when you get it that way, you'll get it. Feral girl tip: find hydration and electrolyte balance with 1 dirty martini to 3 vodka sodas. 

Sunflowerraver x iHR I'm Sensitive Bodysuit Outfit

Go on a solo adventure

Sure it's "important" to stay with your rave fam, but going on a solo adventure is food for the soul. Feed your inner feral rat girl by spending some time solo at the rave. Dance with new people, make some new friends, and explore the venue to soak it all in. 

SLANDER x iHR Electric Edge Reflective Outfit

Bring nail glue

I measure a good night out by how many nails I lose. I wear press-on nails and I can guarantee that I'll lose at least one on a good night, and up to four on a great night. I pack nail glue in my purse to reapply if I manage to find one. If the nail is meant to come back to you, it will. Plus there is no bigger serve than giving yourself a manicure on the dance floor. 

Dance To The Riddim Skull Outfit

Wear two outfits

One outfit is to take photos in, another is to rage in. You know how sometimes you want to style the perfect rave fit but you know that it won't be comfortable to rage in? We've all been there. Pack a t-shirt in a bag and put it in a locker so you can rage without worrying about your look, and put all of your accessories in the locker after you change to outfit 2. 

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