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A rave family consists of many kinds of people, a colorful group of individuals that have wonderful quirks. Everyone has a role in the group whether they know it or not. And whether we like it or not, we sometimes do need these kinds of people in our group. They keep us grounded (or in other cases, literally on the ground) and have our backs no matter what situation we’re in. Here are 5 types of people that are most likely in your rave family:

The Mom

The mom of the group is always looking out for their friends: checking if everyone’s having fun, has enough water (and if they don’t, offer to do water runs for the group), and always has a supply of pretty much everything and anything else you could possibly need. The mom will always be a text or yell away from you, rushing to you if you need to be taken care of. They will be the ones to lead the group to the bathroom, give you their own water if you run out, and to hug you at just the right moments. Sometimes it seems that the mom is constantly bothering you about trivial matters when all you want to do is dance and listen to the music, but hey – we probably need a couple reminders to take care of ourselves. We get so caught up in the moment and sometimes

need someone else to remind us that we must take care of ourselves first. Give your rave mom a some love for just looking out for you

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The Rager

Party animals!

The rager is the party animal of your group; the one who gets everyone hyped up and ensures you’re raging as hard as you can. Sometimes they can get carried away and can annoy people who aren’t on the same level yet, but once everyone is at an event, the rager makes sure that everyone is having fun whether they like it or not. They’ll encourage drinking more, dancing harder, and pushing your boundaries beyond your imagination. A con to having a rager would be having someone constantly call you out for not being down to having a good time and pushing you to party even harder. But on the upside: you’ll learn what your boundaries are and a rager is always helpful when you want to have the time of your life. Hate them or love them, you gotta have them

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The Scheduler  

Once the set times for a major festival gets out everyone starts either: 1) panicking because DJs have similar time slots now they have to choose or 2) making a schedule for who they want to see. It’s one thing to make a schedule, but to stick with it when the day comes? That’s the real challenge and Time Nazi’s time to shine. They are the ones who try to get everyone organized and rush the group from stage to stage, making sure they stick to the plan. It’s nice to have someone keeping track of time to make sure that you get to see the artists you’ve been dying to see, but at other times it can be a little overbearing to have someone keep nudging you to leave a stage to begin the journey to a different one. I’m a bit strict when it comes to time, but I always try to go with the flow.

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The Person That’s Too Messed Up 

I bet everyone has been in this position: you drank way too much before the event and as soon as you get into the venue you can’t even stand up! Or there’s always that one person in your group that goes way too far and isn’t let in because they’re too intoxicated. When my group of friends go out to a club to see a DJ that we’ve been dying to see for a long time, someone in our group gets kicked out because they got way too drunk. It’s a buzzkill. That’s when the mom of the groups steps in and takes care of this person, sacrificing their fun for the sake of others. Honestly there isn’t really a pro to having this person in your group other than helping you realize that you don’t ever want to be that person.

The Lover

Kisses and hugs

You’ll get never-ending hugs, kisses, and PLUR from this person. The lover of your group is full of love and happiness from being at an event and expresses it with a lot of touching. I admit I can get like this when I’m with friends. I get the feels during certain songs and I need to bear hug one of my friends and tell them how much I love them. A major pro with having a lover in your group is knowing that someone has a positive vibe and keeps the PLUR alive by being friendly and open with everyone, not only their friends. A con with the lover is that they could be way too touchy when you want your personal space; not everyone welcomes a hug from a stranger or from someone they just met that night. But honestly, who doesn’t love a lover at a rave of all places? They’re the ones who help you fall in love with raves in the first place.

Not everyone in a rave family fits into these categories and there are people that even fit into more than one type. You need each one of these people (well, maybe not the one that’s always too messed up) for your family to function at its best, but it’s okay if you don’t have a complete set. No matter what category you and your friends fall in, love each other no matter what.

PS. While you’re at it, also help the person who’s always too messed up step into a different category. PLEASE!


John said:

Starting to come off the EDC Las Vegas high…back home to SF. 2018 has created its unique moments…and I’m looking forward to next year. This year was Without You by Avicii and Ocean by Seven Lions. Came across this post, feeling the need to connect with a rave family beyond my own. If anyone is looking for a “mom” let me know. All the best! John :-)

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