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Lightning in a Bottle has been on fire releasing all their experience lineups for the event. From the art to the lectures I’m getting so fricking excited I’m not sure what to do with myself.

Lightning in a Bottle is taking place this year May 8 - 13, 2019 at Buena Vista Lake in Kern County, CA. This year the festival has moved to a new location, closer to LA, and a smaller attendee size. I love LiB so it doesn’t matter to me where it is, I know they’re going to fire on all cylinders no matter what.

LiB is filled with lots of art. There’s Big Art which is all the giant sculptures and interactive pieces of art around the festival. There’s the Live Painting which is over 50 amazing artists creating beautiful pieces around the festival all weekend long, and then there’s the ArtClave, in its second year which offers an experiential art environment for attendees to participate on their own.

Big Art

Holographic Sculpture at LIB

These sculptures and pieces are always so additive to the LiB environment. I love walking around and discovering them around the festival, perfectly blending into the environment. This year, there’s some return pieces, some return artists, and of course some new ones. This is one thing I personally don’t like to read too much on before because I prefer to be surprised upon arrival, but if you want to read more about each piece and the artist, you can do so here.

Live Painting

LiB Artwork

This year there are over 50 artists from around the world invited to turn blank canvases into incredible works of art. Literally, this always amazes me at the festival, and I love checking back each day to see where an artist is in their work. Some artists finish quickly, and some layer up each day, changing their piece. What’s really cool, is that there’s mobile bidding on the art, with a final Art Walk on Sunday for people to place their final bids.

One day I am going to have enough money to buy a piece that inspires me at LiB. How cool is it to purchase something where you were part of its creation?


ArtClave at LiB

Last year was the first time we saw the ArtClave at LiB and I don’t even know how we lived without it! It’s such a perfect addition to this already creative festival, and I’m looking forward to checking it out again. These classes filled up super fast usually, but they always tried to make room for anyone who attended which was awesome. These are the types of things I like to do a lot of reading up on before so that I know where/when I want to attend.

This year the lineup includes:

  • Art Must Be Easy: Drawing Techniques By Adam One
    • Might try this one!
  • Bookbinding: Make Your Own LIB Journal! By Amy Kells
  • Body as Canvas: Body Painting Basics by Radhika Hersey & RIO Sirah
  • Build an Earth Mandala By Megan Sara
    • I’d like to learn more about this one!
  • Collaborative Expression: Painting without Attachment By Asirios
    • Seems interesting as well
  • Crochet Your Way to Happiness: By Odyssey Designs
  • Cult Making 101: Crew Symbol Design By White Cube Society
    • I love the idea of this
  • Digital Mandala Activations of the Higher Self: Mixed Media By Benedigital
  • Doodle Flow Sketch Storytelling: Art Therapy By Party Snail
  • Free Your Mind, Free Your Hair! Hair Crafting by Dreece
    • This is intriguing
  • Headwear Design: Basics of Millinery By Ava Youssefi
  • Paper Metamorphosis - From Two Dimensions into Three By Jeff Morrical
  • Serpent Wire Wrap with Kundalini Meditation: Jewelry Making by Itzli-Children of Venus
  • Shibari: Japanese Rope Art By Pirate Gentleman
  • Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling By Hamid Naemeh
    • both of these Japanese art ones seem cool to me
  • Exploring Projections Through Painting: Art Therapy By Party Snail
  • Watercolor Painting Techniques: From the Fundamental To the Experimental! By Amy Kells

If you want to read a few more details on each one, check out the LiB site, and make sure to download the app before you head in! Lots of details will be there too, and you can build your schedule with alarms to go off during the day for each experience!

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