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Valentine's Day may be over, but love is still in the air! Last week, we announced the winners of our #iHeartRaveBae contest - an Instagram contest where we asked participants to submit a picture of their rave bae or festie bestie and tell us their story! We had so many amazing entries, it was hard to just pick two winners. After hours of carefully reading each entry, we are happy to announce rave couple, @aliciahernandance and @villahilario and festie besties, @plurkitten and _raveunicorn as our winners! Read their stories below. 

@aliciahernandance and @villahilario 

@aliciahernandance and @villahilario matching couple unicorn rave outfits costumes

"Our journey all started at EDC 2016, which was originally supposed to be Hilario @villahilario's (Hilario) bachelor party (haha!) Then a few months prior things fell through and it was no longer a bachelor party, so a mutual friend of ours invited me to go. Back then, we shared the same rave family but lived in different states. Our friendship grew quickly [over the weekend] through set after set and found small moments to have conversations filled with laughs to ourselves. After we left Vegas we knew we left with something special. Through 6 months of long distance, he either came to California, or I visited Washington for visits and more music adventures. It was so great to have an equal counterpart that loved to travel and go to music events as much as I did. Since EDC 2016, we have done 13 small and 21 major events around the country and overseas. Going to music festivals together has changed our lives. As we’ve grown closer with each trip we have also met people near and far that we now consider some of our bests friends. We are so happy and humbled to consider those people family.

To say we love dressing up and creating costumes is an understatement. I even taught him how to sew, so we do everything from kandi and perlers to making actual costumes together. This person not only has the title o f#festiebestie and #ravebae, he most importantly has the title #bestfriend. Going to the number of shows we have together is one thing, but going through life is a totally different scenario. 

People seem to be surprised when we tell them that we’ve only been together a year and a half. What keeps us strong and so close it that we’re each others best friend. Yes, we’re in a relationship, but our friendship comes before anything else. In a year and a half we have gone through long distance, moving in together, moving 3 times, career changes, and recently losing one of our dogs. I honestly can say that not only music festivals but life would not be the same without our this man by my side. Thank you @villahilario for every moment we’ve shared, a little family I live and die for, and all the moments in life yet to come." 

Ultra Music Festival @aliciahernandance matching squirtle pokemon themed rave outfit

@aliciahernandance matching rave couple outfit

Be sure to say hi if you see them at an event! They are always excited to make new friends and trade kandi or create memories with others.


@plur_kitten and @_raveunicorn 

Hard Summer 2017 matching american themed rave outfits


"I heard there is this #IHeartRaveBae thing going on right now and of course I instantly knew @_raveunicorn (Roan) was the one I’d brag about.

We met through an online FB group but never made the effort to actually meet even though we lived an hour apart from each other. We basically made excuses and didn’t even try. Fast forward to the week before Hardfest 2017 and she told me I can join her. We met at the Emazinglights store on a Tuesday afternoon and planned out our matching outfits. We hadn’t ever met in person before that moment and I was actually nervous because I wasn’t sure if we would even click well together. We had a small lunch after and parted ways. The day of the event, I drove to her place and we met with the crew and raged the night away.

Sometime after, she had a hard time and I drove over to her place at 1 am with Taco Bell in hand and we watched a movie with her cat. Our temporary goodbye to each other was spent on (yet again) a spontaneous night to nocturnal wonderland 2017 where we connected on an even deeper level talking on the hill above the stages. During Nocturnal, Roan gave me a special piece of kandi. See, we both are huge animal people and have a love for cats. She knows how much my cat means to me, so she made a kandi of my cats “toebeans” aka his little footprint. I gave it to her at nocturnal before I moved and said we will always be friends and the beans will keep you safe. I have taken the kandi to every rave since including EDC Orlando and soon to EDC Las Vegas! 

It was just the beginning of a friendship I know will never die. I don’t think I’ve ever connected with someone in the way I do with you, Chelsey. You’re my best friend and I would do anything for you. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other or how many miles apart we are. You’re going to be in my life forever  Love you twinny. "

Hard Summer 2017 rave girls wearing matching american themed music festival rave outfits

Hard Summer 2017 @plurkitten matching american flag patriotic theme rave outfit



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