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Ravers are often left waiting in lulls of mediocrity in between events, itching at the opportunity to unleash the party beast at their next festival. For some, this could mean waiting months before you can free your soul at the next event. So, when those festival doors finally swing open it’s important to make the most out of your experience. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you’re squeezing every drop out of your next festival.

1.Reach out to your fellow Ravers

Trading Kandi at the Festival

Photo Credit: Megan Dirksen

What if I told you there’s a whole group of starry-eyed friends just waiting to send you their good vibes and positive energy? Well, fasten your fanny packs, because it’s true. You just haven’t met them yet. Every person inside those festival doors is probably feeling that same euphoric bliss you are. Everyone is ready to create memories and vibe in a judgment-free zone. This creates the perfect situation to reach out to others and connect on a completely new level. Creating new feelings of friendship and community, even if just for the night, will elevate you in ways you can’t imagine. You already know you share the same great taste in music, all that’s left to do now is share a simple compliment, ask a question or just share your experience. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


2. Don’t stick to the same stage all night

Indoor Stage at Festival with shooting fire

Photo Credit: Megan Dirksen

Just because you’re a trance lover doesn’t mean there isn’t a heavy hitting, dubstep head-banger inside of you just waiting to be freed. A festival is a perfect place to explore new artists and discover great music. Experimenting with different stages and styles will give your ears a delicious, well-rounded taste of everything the festival has to offer, instead of just one layer. Who knows, your next favorite artist may just be one stage over.

3. Express yourself

ravers on the ground getting a light show

Photo Credit: Megan Dirksen

One of the most beautiful elements of going to a festival is the chance to be every colorful version of yourself, free of judgment. Let your freak flag fly! Wear anything and everything you think is fun/ sexy/ expressive/ cool/ YOU. One great aspect that sets rave culture apart from any other community is our love for unique and interesting styles. Whether it’s neon lipstick, fuzzy boots, a space helmet or anything in between, rock it. Hips just tend to sway easier when they’re in a pair of glitter shorts.

4. Plan ahead

Ferris wheel and rides at a festival

Photo Credit: Megan Dirksen

Being prepared might not sound like the most common way to rage, but nothing ruins a good vibe quicker than stress. Make sure your ID, cash and essentials are in an easy to reach, secure place such as a fanny pack. Misplacing/losing something is a huge vibe killer. Plan your ride home beforehand, and have a designated meetup spot if you and your squad get separated. If you’re at a camping festival, set up your camp during the day before hitting the stages (trying to pitch a tent in the dark is not a good time). Tying glow sticks around your tent can also be a lifesaver. It keeps other ravers from running into your tent in the dark and helps you easily find your tent at the end of the night. Being prepared lets you focus all of your energy on just having fun, maximizing your rave experience.


5. Live in the moment

Raver girl holding budweiser tall can

Photo Credit: Megan Dirksen


Photos are fantastic. They allow us to relive some of our most cherished moments and take us right back to the happy place they came from. However, don’t forget to actually enjoy those cherished moments while they’re happening. Worry less about getting that perfect shot, and more about the feeling of freedom and positivity flowing through your body. Drink in every moment of your favorite artist’s performance, soak in the vibes radiating from your friend’s smiles and submerge your mind into the magic that is dancing through your eardrums. Capturing memories is important, but being a part of that moment is essential. So, snap a few shots of you and your friends, then put the phone in the fanny pack and just be.  


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