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As of October 2nd, the area known as Thornville in Ohio may very well not exist as it is today; instead it is quite possible as of that day all that remains is a massive crater in the ground with ensuing wreckage comparable to that of the legendary Pompeii disaster; just instead of volcanic ash and city remnants, there will only be shards of broken rails, half torn speakers, and filth-engulfed stage debris.

The Lost Lands Music Festival would be the culprit for this utterly brilliant debauchery as it ascends on Legend Valley in Thornville starting September 29th and ending October 1st. The buzz has been running rampant since the lineup was dropped a little ways back, and for very good reason.

Bassheads worldwide are salivating at the very thought of the very existence of this once-in-a-lifetime dream gathering of arguably the biggest names in bass music today. The madman behind the festival is none other than one of the supreme members of bass royalty, Excision. What he is doing with the inaugural Lost Lands is something we do not see very often in music festivals; a completely unique concept that caters not to the wallets of the wealthy, but to the appetite of the very fans this festival will be recruiting.

You can feel the bass pulsating through your core with every name listed on the lineup: Zeds Dead, 12th Planet, Snails, Destroid, Ghastly, Illenium, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Protohype, Rezz; add in an Excision b2b Datsik set, 500,000 watts of bass, and 3 days of the Paradox at the mainstage, and a sense of surreal ecstasy takes over your senses. The list goes on and on to the point you do not believe an event like this is even real. 

Oh, but it is. And it will be glorious.

And yes, there will be camping.

And yes, you will need neck-braces. So, so many neck-braces.

Excision himself sent out a message stating: “I reached out to all the artists as we booked them and explained this is a dubstep/bass music festival, we can’t all play the same s***. We all have dope tracks we’ve produced so let’s play more of our originals and cut out the ‘hits’ that everyone plays. SO hopefully they actually respect that request. We’ll see!”.

Something you do not see everyday from just about any festival coordinator on this planet, helping to make Lost Lands one of the most memorable occasions for all who attend. And we all have to appreciate, respect, and thank Excision for going outside of the norm and putting this whole event together because something like this does not happen often and this is going to be such a treat for the fans and artists alike.

Bow down to our bass lord and savior of the year 2017, Excision.

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Lost Land festival line up

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