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It’s true. With neon colors being the biggest trend this summer on the rave scene, many of us are going all out in one neon color turning us into highlighters with legs. But, hey, I’m not mad at all. Neon colors are always in style for summer, always in tune for ravers, and a lot of fun to wear!

Hard Summer this year is pretty much going to be the apex of neon fashion this summer. The event takes place Saturday, August 3 - 4th in San Bernardino, CA. A summertime racetrack event, it promises to be hot-hot-hot. No SoCal rave feels more ‘summer’ than Hard Summer, and I can’t wait to be out there checking out the fashion.

In preparation for the event, here are a few neon looks I’ve come up with to inspire your looks for the event, or for another summer rave in another state, or heck another country! 

Twin With Me

Why this name for this look? Because this is what I’ve bought to wear Sunday of Hard. And you know what they say, twinning is winning! 

But in all seriousness, I thought this outfit was super adorable. It reminds me of a neon, rave ballerina!

Hard summer outfit insipration

Neon Fishnet Thigh Highs: $4,87

Sparkly Daisy Petal Pasties: $9.95
Dreamland Sequin Ruffle Crop Top: $29.95

Dreamland Sequin Booty Shorts: $26.95

Geometric Layers

Mixing all the neon colors is a great look too! I love this mini skirt with the shorts under, it’s super comfortable and cute. The sneakers also have that reflective material on them (where the gray is) so they’d look super cool in some shuffling videos(make sure to have your flash turned on)!

Neon and Geometic Shape Rave Outfits

Cutting Shapes Mini Skirt: $10.36
Cybernetic Neon Contrast Bodysuit: $21.95
Famous Wavez Sneakers: $36.95

The Harness Is Not Out

I repeat the harness is not out! It’s still a great staple to mix into looks this year! I love how it looks layered with this top, especially since it looks more comfortable than just on the naked boobies (if that's your vibe, than you do you, no judgment here!) Also if you wanna save on some biker shorts, cut some old fishnets above the knee!

Neon and Harness Look for Hard Summer

Technologic Neon Sequin BIkini Top: $24.95
Daisy Corsets Dark Rush Bra Harness: $36.95
Technologic Neon Sequin High Waisted Bottoms: $24.95
Freaky Fishnet Biker Shorts: $19.95

Neon Dudes

There are some fun looks for guys to be colorful at Hard as well! You can mix a pair of shorts with Graphic Tee, or try an alt style with some pasties and wild shorts! My friend is getting the Iridescent Dreams shorts because it’s going to match my neon yellow look!

 Guys Outfits for HARD Summer

Adding Neon

Ok, I wanna talk about accessories here because you don’t always need to order a whole new look to get in on a trend! It’s always fun to just re-work a few pieces you already own and save on costs! The neon trend is SUPER easy to just accessorize with because it matches black or white perfectly. For example, take all the racetrack checkered print items you rocked last year, and mix in a neon piece to make a new look!

Neon and Checkers Rave Outfits

Going in Circles Belt: $9.95

Atlas Bag: $43.99

PWR UP Corset: $42.95

Black Matrixx Platform Sneakers: $101

Still need more inspo to Go Hard? Check out these badass babes' looks (all available on iHeartRaves.com!): 

Neon Green and Neon Orange Outfits for HARD Summer

Models: @sophglopez @destinyngg

Raver Outfit with Black Mesh and Neon Green Accent

Photo Credit: @loveejasminn_

Neon Green Outfit at Tomorrowland

Photo Credit: @festivalpassport 

Neon Green Mesh Top with Strappy Black Rave Outfit

Photo Credit: @_basskitten


Stoked to see you all in your neon looks at Hard Summer! Tickets are still on sale. You can buy a single day or two-day tickets! The event is 1 pm to 11 pm each day (woo! Early nights!) There are even city shuttles you can take, check out the SoCal locations they’re picking up here.

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