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Hi everyone, hope you are staying safe and healthy! Since shows and festivals are on a temporary halt, many of you may be trying to find new hobbies to occupy your time. DIY projects for festivals are a perfect way to keep yourself busy and prepare for any future in-home photoshoots or festivals you might have planned!

Zip tie crowns have been a popular accessory over the last couple of years, and a few of my friends who enjoy DIY projects told me that they’re relatively easy to make for a reasonable price! If you’re looking for a sparkly accessory, this could be a perfect addition to your festival outfit.


I ordered all my materials from Amazon, but most of these can be bought at craft stores or stores like Home Depot.

  • Pack of longer zip ties (The ones I used were 6in).
  • Pack of shorter zip ties (The ones I used were 4in)
  • Plain, silver headband
  • Gold or Silver Spray Paint
  • Accent beads (optional)
  • Thick glue (optional)

Materials for a Halo Zip Tie Crown

How to Make a Halo Zip Tie Crown - Step By Step

Step 1: Find the center of the headband. Take one long zip tie and cinch it tight on that spot.
    headband for a halo zip tie crown

    Step 2: Add three more zip ties on either side of the long zip tie and make sure you cinch those tight so they stay in place. It’s important to make sure that all zip ties are facing the same direction.

    adding zip ties to make a halo crown

    Step 3: Add one longer zip tie on each end of the shorter ones. Repeat Step 2 and 3 until you cover most of the headband, but make sure you leave a few inches empty at the bottom.

    Making a halo zip tie crown step 4

    Step 4: Prepare a space outside where you can spray paint your headband. Make sure you have newspaper or a plastic tarp to cover your workspace. 


    Step 5: Place our headband on the newspaper and use the spray in short sweeps over the headband. Make sure you use the spray slowly, if you work with the spray too quickly it could cause the color to drip over the headband.

    Wait for the paint to dry and flip the headband over to repeat the previous process. Once headband is fully painted, leave it to dry. (It takes 2-3 hours to be dry to touch, and 24 hours for it to be fully dry)

    The last step is optional, add embellishments by glueing accent beads to the ziptie!

      I know a lot of people have been at home for a while and are running out of things to do, so I hope this can be a fun project that you can work on to occupy some time!

      If you want to look for ways to style this crown with your favorite iHeartRaves outfit, here is how I styled my outfit!

        loanabanana82 wearing a halo zip tie crown

      Photo from @loanabanana82

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