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Arizona’s second annual Goldrush Music Festival is quickly approaching in just two short weeks! If you’re planning to attend, there’s a good chance you’re rushing around to plan your festival experience. If you are still struggling to come up with what to wear to this event, have no fear! Here are 9 gold products that you can purchase from iHeartRaves to create the perfect outfit for the Western Extravaganza of the year. 


1. Gold Sequin Crossed Bodysuit

Gold and Black Bodysuit


The Gold Sequin Crossed Bodysuit is the perfect combination of sleek and shiny. This is an easy outfit that will keep you cool and comfortable, while still allowing you to showcase your unique style. All you need to finish the look is some platforms or combat boots and you’ll be ready to rumble in no time!


2. Twinkle Mesh Tee


Gold and Black Mesh Tee


The Twinkle Mesh Tee is perfect for those of you who love to layer! Pair it with some cute black bottoms and gold pasties to finish your glitzy look, and stay cool in that Arizona heat!


3. Gold Pasties

iHeartRaves has tons of options when it comes to pasties - even gold pasties! Check out these Neva Nude Gold Sequin X Factor Pasties that will pair perfectly with the Twinkle Mesh Tee, or any mesh look! If you're looking for a shape besides the cross pasties, try checking out gold star pasties, or gold heart pasties


Gold Sequin Pasties


4. Gold Booty Shorts

Gold High Cut Bottoms

The Solid Cali High Cut Bottoms will be a great completion to the outfit above. The high cut looks great when layered, and the fabric won’t be too constricting for a warm evening in the desert.

Metallic Rave Booty Shorts

If you're looking for something more low-waisted, the classic Metallic Rave Booty Shorts are also a great option and match with almost everything!


5. Gold Headwear


Gold Captain's Hat


Never forget to accessorize! The Gold Rhinestone Trim Captain Hat is the perfect addition to any of your gold-themed outfits.


Gold Crown


Or, if you want something more goddess-like, check out the crown options, like the Empress Crystal Crown, that iHeartRaves has to offer!

6. Gold Glitter
Lunatics Gold Glitter


You can never have too much sparkle! The Lunautics 24Kayy Glitter is the perfect, standard-shade-of-gold glitter that will look good with any of your rave attire. Add some sparkle to your cheeks, your body, or all over! This glitter is bound to make an already amazing outfit stand out even more. If that doesn't fit your aesthetic, there are tons more glitter options in the Beauty & Glitter Section of iHeartRaves.


7. Bags/Fanny Packs




Gold Mini Backpack


If you need a place to store all of our belongings during the fest (and who doesn’t?) we’ve already got you covered. Throw on a fanny pack or the Metallic Mini Backpack to keep your sleek look while also keeping all your prized possessions as safe as can be! 


8. Shoes

Gold SLAYR YRU boots

Finally, you gotta have some fire footwear! Polish off any of the looks above with the YRU Slayer Rose Gold Boots. These are super cute and will go with pretty much anything, and will keep your feet safe and comfy for a day of dancing!

9. Hosiery 

Gold Leg Wraps

Add some extra sparkles and complete your look with some gold leg wraps or gold hosiery


Now that you have some ideas for your Goldrush looks, it’s time to finish planning and getting excited! See you at Rawhide, unicorns!

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