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People sometimes assume that ravers like one type of music and go only to raves, but I’m one of many out there who has super eclectic music taste. I honestly love everything from a Tchaikovsky show at the Hollywood Bowl to EDC. Music isn’t about being placed in a closed box where you judge others based on what they do or don’t like; it’s about sharing a joy of lyric, melody, bass and movement. Music, no matter what genre, is a community that we are all members of and that we all enjoy.

All this to say that Camp Flog Gnaw (CFG) has peaked my interest. It has some artists I really enjoy on the lineup and is taking place close to home at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. CFG is happening the weekend of November 10-11, 2018 and literally sold out in mere minutes. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the VIP tickets were the first to go, a rare feat for most festivals who sell out GA passes first.

Tyler, The Creator has been pumping this 2018 edition of Camp Flog Gnaw to the max in so many ways. Let’s start with the tickets, which, if you thought you were out of luck, there’s a Fan-To-Fan ticket exchange, where you can do your best to cop a ticket, and maybe some of the swag. That’s right, swag. GA tickets were the only ones that came without any swag and just carnival entry.

At a price of $395+fees, VIP tickets came with the usual dedicated entrance, viewing areas and a VIP Clubhouse, but what really pushed the purchase over the edge was that it came with a VIP merch package. This included a pair of Golf Le Fleur x Converse (you picked your size at check out) personally designed by Tyler. There was also a Golf Wang backpack, Golf Wang hat, a CFG disposable camera (because we all love these but would never buy one on our own), CFG socks, a CFG lanyard and a CFG patch.

Camp Flagnaw Swag Pack


These VIP tickets sold out quickly (literally like in 2 minutes) giving those who wanted the VIP experience one option: Super VIP Passes. At $1000+Fees this pass came with swag as well which included a pair of Golf Le Fleur x Converse designed by Tyler, a fully custom 2 person tent, sleeping bag, camping chair, rucksack backpack and stainless steel water canteen. For the record though, there is no camping at this event, but you'll be all set to go during your next camping adventure. 

Camp Flagnaw camping gear

So it’s safe to say the event is going to be nuts. It’s all ages so I can now understand why it sold out so quickly, there’s really not many events in LA with this awesome of a lineup that are all ages. If I was in high school, I’d totally be all over this event, it’s a rare opportunity!

CFG also has a totally awesome lineup. I just saw Billie Eilish and Post Malone at Lollapalooza this year, and was blown away. Billie was such a treat to see live, her voice is just as amazing in person. And then Post Malone, I mean, I can’t get over how much fun his set was. He was so genuine and likable on stage, not to mention his music live with a band was really actually great! Other favorites that would be worth checking out at CFG would be obviously Tyler, The Creator, SZA, Little Dragon, and A$AP Rocky. I saw A$AP Rocky once at Coachella (?I think that was where?) and had SO much fun at his set.

Camp Flagnaw lineup

There’s also going to be carnival games and rides at CFG. The rides are all free with ticket purchase but games will be extra. They had a $65 Unlimited Games Pass you could add to your ticket too if you wanted. I wonder if they will have swag or just regular carnival prizes?

I love living in LA because I get the opportunity to see so many artists from so many genres. As someone who likes fashion a LOT, it’s awesome to dress uniquely to each of these events and express a different part of my personality each time. As human beings we’re multifaceted, and I love embracing all of the personalities that make me uniquely me.

So if nothing else, check out some of the artists I’ve mentioned here and listen to some new music! You’ll be surprised what you might like! I’ll share some Camp Flog Gnaw inspired looks styled by iHeartRaves as we get closer to the event!

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