How to Coordinate Group Festival Outfits
Julia Sachs | November 10, 2023

How to Coordinate Group Festival Outfits

Whether you and your besties are heading to a music fest or just want to slay the fashion game at any event, I've got all the deets you need to look totally amazing together. No need to stress, just follow these chic ideas for the most unforgettable group looks ever!

Monochrome Magic 💖

Let's start with the classic monochrome look, babes! This is when you and your crew pick a single color and totally rock it from head to toe. Just choose a color that flatters everyone in the group and go wild! You can mix and match different shades of the same color or keep it simple with a single shade. Trust me, you'll be turning heads everywhere you go!

Girl Code outfit

Techno Snob Outfit

Red Hot Raver Outfit

Fuego Fever outfit

Wear the Same Outfit 👯‍♀️

For those of you who want to take it to the next level of togetherness, why not wear the exact same outfit? Yup, you heard me right! Matching outfits are super cute and totally show off your squad. Plus, it's a surefire way to stand out in the crowd. Just make sure to choose something that everyone feels comfortable and confident in. It's all about rocking that coordinated style!

Lunita X iHR Sweet Serendipity Outfit

Mellow Flow Bell Outfit

Rodeo Raver Outfit

Sugar Venom Lace Up Outfit

Pick a Theme 🌟

Feeling a bit more adventurous, darlings? Picking a theme for your group festival outfits is a fabulous idea! You can go all out with themes like '70s disco, boho babes, or even futuristic space explorers. Once you've chosen your theme, brainstorm some killer outfit ideas that fit the vibe. Then, hit the stores and hunt for the perfect pieces to bring your theme to life. Get ready to slay the festival game like never before!

Ignite My Fire Fishnet Outfit 

Ignite My Fire Lace Up Outfit

Ignite My Fire Clasp Outfit

Rave-A-Saurus Outfit

Rave-A-Saurus Robe Outfit

Rave-A-Saurus Summer Outfit

Do a Group Costume 🎭

If you and your friends are the playful type, why not go for a full-on group costume? It's like Halloween came early, but in a totally stylish way! Choose a theme that you all adore and get creative with your costumes. Whether you want to be a squad of superheroes, your favorite movie characters, or even emojis, the options are endless. Just make sure to have fun with it and embrace your inner diva!

Lunita Dollhouse Diva Outfit

Lunita Dollhouse Diva Goddess Outfit

Accessorize to the Max 💎

Accessorizing is like the cherry on top of your festival outfit, babes! Even if you're not wearing the same clothes, coordinating your accessories can make a huge impact. Think matching sunglasses, statement hats, or even themed jewelry. It's all about those little details that bring your group's look together. Get ready to shine like the fashion stars you are!

Neva Nude White Reflective Cross Pasties

Neon Zone Pink Reflective Cross Pasties

Pair of Non-Slip Reflective Leg Wraps

Sasswear Rainbow Reflective Star Pasties and Body Sticker Set

Angel LED Butterfly Fairy Wings

Hop Stuff LED Bunny Ears

Mix and Match 🌈

Last but not least, if your group is all about individuality, you can totally mix and match your festival outfits. This means each of you can express your unique style while still coordinating as a group. Just decide on a color palette or a general style guide to keep things harmonious. This way, you can show off your personalities and still look like a squad of fashion-forward babes.

So, there you have it, dolls! Coordinating group festival outfits is all about having fun, being creative, and showing off your fierce style. Whether you go monochrome, wear the same outfit, pick a theme, do a group costume, accessorize like crazy, or mix and match, just remember to werk it with confidence and have a blast at the festival. Now go out there and slay those fashion goals together! 💁‍♀️✨

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Behind the Collection: HALIENE
Julia Sachs | April 19, 2023

Behind the Collection: HALIENE

Part of what sets a dance music act apart from others is the ability to include unique vocals in the music. What Haliene brings to life is just that, with a combination of dreamy, trance-like beats to set the pace with her ethereal vocals. 
iHR: Tell us a bit about the collection: What inspired it? What concepts are you excited to bring to life?
HALIENE: This collection is inspired by much of the same ideas that inspired my debut album, Heavenly! I wear a lot of sparkly pieces onstage, and I’ve seen a lot of my fans embracing that same shine at my shows.
I get so many messages of fans asking me where I get my stage outfits (and the answer is iHeartRaves and scouring the internet, or I design/combine things myself), that I wanted to create a collection that both my fans and I could wear, that celebrated what I call the divine feminine. We went with the ethereal colors of white and iridescent pink/purple that to me represent that energy.
As a woman in an industry dominated by men, I have found an inspiring juxtaposition that there is power and strength in embracing the beauty of our feminine essence, and I wanted this collection to empower others to do the same. Like the lyrics in my song Glass Heart express, "we can be both breakable, beautiful and tough as diamonds at the same time." 
The Butterfly aspect on the pink outfit was inspired by my songs "Butterfly" and "Metamorphosis." Sometimes in life, only after we have gone through the hardest challenges is when we find our true colors and are able to fly. I’ve found this to be true in my own life, and I hope anyone wearing this gorgeous fit can find their wings too.
iHR: What were some of the challenges you faced in creating this collection? 
HALIENE: It was definitely challenging distilling the ethereal qualities of my lyrics and music into a piece of clothing. iHeartRaves and I worked hard on mood boards and fabric ideas for a year, and I’m so proud of what we were able to create together.
The pandemic has also added additional challenges [like] backlogging the supply chain, so it takes a long time to design and launch a new product. We’ve had this issue with my merch too, and many artists are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic.
iHR: I love the celestial look you were styled in for your Heavenly album cover. What did you look to for inspiration in creating that look?
HALIENE: The dress I’m wearing I made out of a shimmery blush and lavender fabric, a corset I hand painted gold, a random tulle skirt and a cropped rhinestone bra top. I found these incredible handmade crowns on Etsy from the Czech Republic, and I knew I wanted to create the image for Heavenly with one of them.
I wanted the look to have an effortless, flowing, fade-into-the-clouds feel, but to be structured and powerful as well… to be soft and yet somehow cut through the noise. On Heavenly I dive into some deep spiritual concepts and life experiences. The undertone of the album is always that pain is earthly, but we are Heavenly.
iHR: You're about to play a festival in your home state for the first time at Get Lucky, what is that like? 
HALIENE: Get Lucky was insane! We battled a huge storm and the stage nearly got shut down, but V2 was able to get everything back on track without a hitch! Core memories were definitely made. The Utah crowd was incredible, the kind of crowd you hope for. Even though I’ve gotten to play EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando, Dreamstate, EDC Mexico and so many more, playing a festival in my home state was a big moment for me personally. I got to debut my new single, "Hollow" on the day it came out, and despite the extreme weather my Aliens showed up in full force and the tent was packed corner to corner!
iHR: Favorite festival memory?
HALIENE: As a performer: playing my own set at EDC Las Vegas was surreal. I had attended for years and it was a big moment in my journey of being recognized as a solo, headlining artist. 
As an attendee: One of the things I love about dance music culture is it’s unity, and taking care of one another. I remember losing my friends at a festival once, not being to reach them on my phone, and finding myself alone, scared and overwhelmed.
Another rave fam found me, and immediately invited me into their group. We watched Above & Beyond together on the main stage and, not even knowing my name they made me feel thought of, cared for, and part of their family. I don’t remember their names now, but they were not an anomaly. That’s the culture of PLUR as it should be, to care for one another. I’ll never forget that moment.
IHR: If you created a piece of kandi right now, what would it say?
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While we love keeping up with the latest stories about our favorite DJs and the music they make, Studio 240 isn’t a music blog—it’s a blog that celebrates the EDM and rave community from around the globe. It is a place to share the thoughts we have about the culture and experiences that connect us and, of course, it's about the ever changing trends and styles of this amazing community.

Like the idea of contributing your own commentary? We’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to join the conversation, we’d like to get to know you a little more. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

How to Shuffle for Beginners
Afterpay Integration | June 15, 2020

How to Shuffle for Beginners

With all the raves and festivals being on hold, now is the perfect time to practice your shuffling skills for when you head back to the festivals and shows! Shuffling is fun and unique from person to person and it’s a great way to express your own style when the music is blasting. You can shuffle to house, techno, bass house and even trance! This guide will teach you all the things you need to know to start shuffling

1. Get on your favorite shoes

Shoes are definitely an important factor when shuffling. A good shoe means that it fits nice and tight and doesn’t slip off. My favorite kinds of shoes are ones that have a thick sole, that way, it acts as a support for your own shuffling. Sneakers are also really great since the soles are nice and flat, which makes gliding and sliding a lot easier. The shoes I’m wearing are the Euphoria Reflective Sneakers which are not only sturdy, but they look super cute too! 

2. Turn up your favorite tunes

Grab your speakers and turn on your favorite playlist! Having your favorite songs can get you in the zone. Some recommendations for music would be playing house, techno, bass house or trance tracks. Most of these tracks are in the 128 bpm which is the perfect speed to shuffle to. If you need some recommendations for tracks, look up house playlists or shuffle playlists on SoundCloud or Spotify; there’s usually tons of different tracks that you can find. Here is a playlist with some good tracks on SoundCloud.


3. Learn a Few Shuffling Basics:


The Running Man

Shuffling consists of similar moves with your feet. To learn how to shuffle, begin with learning how to do the running man. This is the move that acts as the intro to get you used to shuffling. The move consists of four basic steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do the running man.

My trick to learning the running man was using shapes. 

1.) You start off with your feet spread out and image making a triangle. This is the first step. I had my left leg in front and my right leg in the back. 

shuffling basics


2.) The next step is to bring your left leg to the center and at the same time, bring your right leg up to form a smaller triangle. 

how to do the running man

3.) The third step is similar to repeating the first two steps, and this time you’ll bring your left leg to the back and your right leg down to the front to form a larger triangle again. 

how to do the running man

4.) The final step is to bring your right leg to the center and at the same time, bring your left leg up to form another smaller triangle. 

With these four steps, you can learn how to do the running man, which will serve as the foundation for many of the other moves that you’ll learn later on. It’s important to get this move down because once you do, you’ll have the rhythm spot on which then you can start adding other moves to cut shapes! 

Cutting Shapes Basics: Leg Twists

Cutting shapes is the term for the dance where it involves a lot of leg twists aka Charleston dance move rather than the running man. Learning how to do the Charleston will allow you to know the foundation for many other cutting techniques. I like to call these leg twists since it involves more in and out moves using your heel and toes rather than running in place. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start doing some of the basic moves for cutting shapes.

1.) Start with your legs shoulder-width apart and point your toes inwards. 

cutting shapes basics

2.) The next step requires two parts, first cross your right foot in front of your left foot and at the same time, point the toes outwards. 

cutting shapes pt 2

3.) From the previous step, return back to the first step’s position with the feet apart and toes pointing inwards. 

Leg twists: cutting shapes

4.) The final step is to put all your weight on the heels of your toes and point your toes outward.

cutting shapes pt 3

Repeating these steps will help you get the hang of this motion which is common to cutting shape moves! 

Shuffling for me is a way to express my energy at festivals and raves. Being inside shuffle circles is a really amazing experience and opportunity to meet lots of new ravers as well! Inside the shuffle circle, you get to see all different kinds of shuffle and cutting shape techniques and everyone does it differently. I recommend learning these basic moves first and getting them down. Once you’ve mastered these moves, learning new ones should be a breeze.