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The best part of the rave scene and EDM is that there is so much variety between the different sub-genres of EDM and the crowd. Drum and Bass is one of those genres with a long, global history. Whether you're raging at Outlook in Croatia or are just checking out an underground liquid show, there are tons of ways to go all out with outfits. Here is a guide on what to wear to a DnB show to fit the vibes.

Drum and bass bring all the wubs and bass. An outfit that features darker colors and neon colors. The Don’t Be A Stranger outfit is the perfect outfit to wear to a DnB show! 

You can never go wrong with going all black to a rave, especially a DnB show. Check out the Laser Cut Show outfit that is giving all the dark vibes - a perfect outfit to wear to an underground show. The perfect fierce and fiesty look with a cute and warm puffer.

For the ravers that get hot at festivals, the Overdrive Outfit is another great choice if you want to go for an all black outfit but don’t want to feel stuffy. The checkered belt is a perfect addition and a pop of pattern to add to this and any outfit!

If you’re looking for an outfit with a pop of color, the Swirling with Magic Outfit is the outfit to go with. It features a trippy pattern that will make you stand out in the crowd at a DnB festival! 

Colors and patterns like these match the vibrant vibes you see and feel at a drum and bass show.

You can never go wrong with wearing a skirt to a rave for a flirty and cute look, especially at a DnB show. The Stardust Outfit is an outfit in which you can dance the night away and look cute af in. The mesh features allow you to layer cute patterns and pasties under the top and skirt.


Rave accessories can take your outfit to the next level! Some hot accessories that are trending right now include funky and unique shades. There are many glasses that you can find here but here are some shades that will make you fit right in at a DnB show. 

These LED shades will catch everyone’s attention, especially inside a dark DnB warehouse rave. It will go with any outfit.

If you’re looking for something darker, this visor is the perfect pair of shades to wear to your DnB show. These shades will also help block out the light and lasers at the next show you’re at.

If you’re looking for a unique accessory, these rave goggles are the perfect addition to your outfit, and match the vibes of any DnB show. They look super cute too on your head like a headband!

Jewelry is another great choice for accessories that will pull your outfit all together. Here are some pieces that would look great with your outfit to fit the DnB vibes at a festival.

These alien earrings are the cutest look that will take you out of this world! Pair it with an alien necklace to really take your look to a different universe.

BrittsBlossoms fluffy earrings are also a popular and cute earring that will go with your outfit! They come in many colors and are super easy to match and wear.

If you’re looking to add some edginess to your outfit, there are some cool accessories that will do that for you. This Neon Reflective Harness is a simple cute super cute look that gives you the edgy vibe that is perfect for the DnB show.

For a girly touch to your outfit for a DnB festival, this Butterfly Belly Chain is a great addition to your outfit, especially if paired with a cute crop or bikini top and shorts, or any outfit that you want to take to another level.

This compilation of outfits and pieces will give you the perfect looks for any DnB festival you’ll hit up next, and hopefully give you some inspiration to compile your next outfit and give you the vibes for your next festival.

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