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It can be tough getting ready for a festival as your crew’s rave mom (or dad). You’re probably the most responsible in your group; therefore, you have taken over as leader and caretaker. Whether you’re a newly initiated rave mom or have been doing it for years, here are ten tips to help you survive your next fest.

Make A Checklist

Make sure you know ahead of time what everyone needs to bring. Before you call the Uber or hop on the shuttle, go over your checklist to confirm that everyone has the essentials. Your list should include things like wristbands or tickets, phones, IDs and credit cards.

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Always Be Prepared

Rave moms are constantly being hit up for phone chargers, gum, inhalers, etc. Have the solution to any problem in your bag! Keep fashion tape, pasties and other must-haves on hand.

Prep Your Rave Babies

If you have any festival newbies in your crew, make sure they’re prepared for what’s to come. Teach them about rave etiquette, safety and PLUR.

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Have A Meeting Spot

Getting separated at a festival is inevitable. People will go to different sets or leave the group to explore. Designate a meeting place and time before the festival in case you don’t have service or someone’s phone is dead.

Track Each Other’s Phones

Unfortunately, pickpockets love to strike at festivals. Turn on Find My Friends in case someone’s phone gets stolen or lost.

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It is so important to stay hydrated when you are dancing for hours on end. Keep yourself and your rave fam hydrated. Carrying a hydration pack is a super easy way to always have water nearby.

Know The Schedule

One of my favorite festival hacks is setting the daily schedule as the lock screen on my phone. You don’t need to have the set times memorized but it will be so helpful to have them easily accessible. If you want to go the extra mile to keep track of your friends, write everyone’s name next to the sets they plan on attending.

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Watch The Weather

If you’re going to an outdoor rave, make sure you plan for inclement weather. Bring a fan and sunglasses if it’s going to be hot. Pack a pashmina for when the sun goes down and don’t forget ponchos in case it rains.

Educate Yourself

Anyone can overdose. Whether it’s someone you know or not, if you see someone who looks at risk of overdose, help them. Tell the medics or ground control. Check out End Overdose to learn what other steps you can take to save a life. Click here to read about how iHeartRaves is supporting this cause. 

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Spread PLUR

Finally, it’s important to keep your rave fam and everyone around you happy. Help mitigate if there are any disagreements within your group. Raves are all about love and acceptance, so spread good vibes!

Good luck to all our rave moms out there, we love you!

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