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Drive-In raves have begun to pop up all across the United States as COVID-19 has kept us away from our usual festival experience. I have been fortunate enough to attend two drive-in raves, and have gathered some tips from the time I’ve spent parked alongside hundreds of other ravers for you to consider as you plan for your next drive-in event!


As you arrive at a drive-in rave, each car is given a parking spot around 20x20 feet to use as a dance floor and hangout area that you are encouraged to decorate. Lawn chairs, cup pong tables, blow up kiddie pools, corn hole, and even a full size couch, are just a couple cool things I’ve seen people use to occupy their parking spaces.  Another cute thing you could do with your space is to give it a theme! Whether you decorate your spot with tikis and leis for a Luau theme, or bring a couple blow up aliens and lasers for a space theme, be creative with your spot to make it feel even more like your favorite festival! Each parking spot is also given a small rail to separate each spot, but it can also be used towards your decoration by putting lights or streamers around it, as well as something to headbang over!

drive in raves set up


One thing that is cool about drive-in raves as opposed to normal festivals is that you can bring your own food and drinks! I recommend bringing a cooler as you have plenty of room to store all your food and drinks, as well as snacks that’ll give you energy throughout the night if you get hungry! I’ve heard from lots of people they’ve loved being able to bring their own beverages, so stock up on drinks you want, dance the night away, and be sure to not drink and drive!


Drive-in raves are also a great time to practice your flow arts because you have lots of room to try out new moves. Whether you glove for your friends in your passenger seat, or hoop or whip in your space, you can still give light shows from across your space while you flow to your favorite songs!

pixel whip

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Although we haven't been able to glam up for festival season this year, a drive-in rave is a perfect time to shop for a new outfit and coordinate some fire looks with your squad again!

Need outfit inspiration? Check out this Drive-in Rave Collection (Photo credit: @shazamamanda @streamqueen_xo@nbkittiekat@_bye_felecia_)



Social distancing is heavily enforced at drive-in events, but be sure to wear a mask when you’re outside your car and stay safe! Now is a time to show off all your cool new masks and match them to your festival outfits! 

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As much as I miss going to normal shows and festivals, I’m so appreciative of what the EDM community has done to find a way to still provide us with a way to watch our favorite artists. Drive-in raves may not necessarily be ideal, but I had an amazing experience at both shows I went to and recommend going to one if you get the opportunity. Finding the tiny, beautiful moments in life right now is a way to stay positive during all the chaos that is going on, so if that means singing along to a song from your car or your couch, do it! I hope some of this info will help you all prepare for your next drive-in rave! Stay safe and spread PLUR!

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