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interview with raver influencer @mobsterkitten

The Inside Scoop with Mobster Kitten

If you're active in the raver-Instagram-world, chances are, you've seen @Mobsterkitten appear on your feed. This talented individual has amazing, mermaid hair, and great taste in fashion. Not to mention, she's totally unique and is a very, genuine, down-to-earth person. 

I sat down with Mobster Kitten to pick her brain about festival fashion, upcoming festivals, keeping it weird and her busy life outside of the festival world. 

Mobster Kitten wearing strappy neon bodysuit and leg harness at EDC

How did you get involved in the EDM community?

I began getting involved in the EDM community with the help of iHeartRaves and other wonderful like-minded individuals. It started as simply tagging and posting the products I purchased from the website and styling them in my vision. I started realizing I enjoyed creating raved out, exotic looks on myself, and the rest is history! I now pride myself in using my platform to inspire others to be themselves, and not be intimidated by the judgment of others. I love getting weird, and want everyone to embrace their inner silliness!

When did you start raving? Specifically, when did you start getting more involved in the community and promoting festival fashion/taking on the Mobster Kitten persona?

I started raving back in 2009, however, @MosbterKitten came alive in 2016 when my involvement in the community andpromoting become moreactive. It was amazing to see how my platform was able to grow, impact and influencethose who follow me. Promoting festivals, modeling for the companies that havesupported me the most have been the highlight of my young adulthood.


What’s a fun fact that people don’t know about you?

I have an Associate Degree in Communications and Humanities and this year will be my final year at university before Igraduate with my Bachelor's! Hooray!

What do you like to do in your spare time/outside of raving?

In my spare time, I love going to the gym, drawing,andcreating art by participating in photoshoots.

Mobster Kitten wearing fishnet underboob crop top with rave accessories

What do you do for your “day job”? 

My day job is working in Finance at the Staples Center. It's been nothing but a great experience learning new skills thatwill create the path to myfuture. I juggle being a full-timestudent, working full time, and somehow still make room for social life, raving, and modeling in between. At the beginning, it was astruggle to get in the groove of my life crazy life, but I havehoned and mastered balancing all five aspects at thispoint.

What’s your favorite festival you’ve been to so far? Do you have a bucket list festival?

My favorite festival that I have been to so far is EDC! This year marked my 7th year in attendance, and it was just as magical as ever. In terms of bucket list festivals, I'm a hardstyle girl. My dream, which is becoming a reality next June of 2020, is to attend Defqon 1.

mobster kitten wearing neon rave outfit at edc las vegas

What’s your favorite part about being involved in the EDM community?

My favorite part about being involved in the EDM Community is being able to connect with all of the people I have come into contact with via social media. It's refreshing to always meet new people, those who look up to you, and have similar interests. In fact, many of my closest friends I have met through the EDM community and music festivals themselves.

How would you describe your rave fashion style?

Bondage meets Hardcore Kitten.Although I don't, or rarely wear cat ears now, I have a very dark sense of fashion when it comes to styling my rave outfits. Black is a timeless color that can be used for all occasions. From time to time though, I will throw in a pop of color, or simply go full on rainbow! (With anice choker or collar of course).

Mobster Kitten wearing black rave outfit

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen (or experienced) at a festival?

My most recent festival experience carried an unexpected surprise on the final day of EDC. I wandered into the VIP area to enjoy the Diplo set, and the season Finale of Game of Thrones was playing! I never thought I would see a projection screen, speakers, and festival goers seated on the floor enjoying their favorite show in the middle of a rave. This was honestly epic though.

You always have amazing hair! What’s your favorite color-scheme/style that you’ve done so far?

Thank you! @tashatripphair always keeps me looking fly! We've done probably every color imaginable. From blue, purple, green, and a full-on rainbow! But my favorite color-scheme hands down is mycurrent bright and fiery red! I feel that it matches my energy and personalityperfectly.

Mobster Kitten in colorful Braids and strappy black rave outfit

Do you have any advice for girls who want to try more daring rave fashion trends? Do you have any tips on how to feel the most confident and comfortable in your rave outfit?

My advice for girls who want totry more daring ravefashion trends is to step out of their comfort zone! I certainly did the first time I tried pasties on for example. Now, I cannot imagine attending a festival without bodyjewels! Own it, and rock it. I find myself being the most confident when I add myfavorite glitter to finish off an outfit. Comfort, quite literally will also equal confidence. If you're wearing platforms,upgrade them with some greatinsoles. Braided hair at festivals will always be my go-to looks as well. There's nothingquite like not having to do your hair at a multi-day rave. Not to mention, they look beautiful on everyone! Be yourself, love yourself, channel yourinner silliness, and have fun this festivals season!


Follow more of Mobsterkitten's adventures on Instagram!

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Oh man she is such a go getter and dang sounds like a hectic work, school, play schedule!


June 23, 2019

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