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Groove Cruise LA is quickly approaching us. Prepare to embark on an amazing adventure from Los Angeles, CA to Ensenada, Mexico October 6th-9th or set sail from Miami, FL to Coco Cay, Nassau January 26th-29th. Are you ready to experience the trip of a lifetime?! For all the GC Virgins out there, I’ve put together a guide to help take the stress out of prepping for Groove Cruise LA and Miami coming up in January 2018! Who’s ready for 96 hours of non-stop partying?

Where are all my GC Virgins? I once was a virgin too myself, but my cherry was popped back on Groove Cruise Miami 2016. Well let me tell you, this trip changed my life in the most amazing way POSSIBLE!! If you’re thinking about going or still trying to decide, seriously just do it!!! Groove Cruise is one of those festivals you can’t pass up. You’ll thank me later…trust me! In order to ensure a smooth trip, let me help you plan ahead with some key tips and tricks!



This is the most important piece of advice I can give to all the virgins out there; Groove Cruise is a marathon, not a sprint. Any veteran would tell you the same thing. It would be so sad to miss out on headliners sets, cocktail or island parties, and meeting your favorite DJ’s all because you went a little too hard on the first day.

Kandi kids at themed party during groove cruise LA


2. Prepare for the sea voyage

Some people are more prone to getting seasick than others, especially if you have never been on a cruise before. I’d advise you to check with your doctor just to be safe and have them recommend an over-the-counter medication or patches to prevent you from becoming seasick. A few I have used before in the past that worked great for me were: Bonine or Dramamine. I’ve also heard from other Groove Cruise Veterans that motion sickness patches work too, like Transderm-Scop.


3. Don’t be afraid to go all out for the themed parties!

I think my favorite part about this festival cruise was having the chance to dress up for themed parties! There are different themes for the daytime and nighttime parties. It’s totally acceptable to wear anything you please! Usually, it’s very warm in the day, so my best suggestion is to save your flashy outfits for nighttime. I picked out super cute bikinis for daytime and dressed them up to match the theme for each day. Personally, I wanted custom-made outfits for nighttime, so I spent a little extra to go all out! It does get a little chilly at night, so I’d suggest bringing a fur coat, sweater, or something comfy if you plan to stay up for the after hours parties. If you’re trying to stay on a budget though you could always make your own outfits, buy items from your favorite festival fashion company, or revamp pieces from in your rave closet. It’s all about expressing yourself however you feel comfortable! Bring lots of glitter too!

Kandi kids at themed party during groove cruise LA

4. Pack your costumes in vacuum-sealed bags & bring a carry-on bag with your essentials!

The rooms on a cruise ship are fairly small, so I highly suggest packing your costumes by theme/day. Save yourself time when you’re getting dressed each day. After you get onto the ship, you will not have access to your room until around 4pm. Some people get their luggage right away, while others don’t. Be smart when you pack… Bring your bikini/swim trunks for the first day party in a small beach bag along with your shoes, so you have your outfit ready to go once you board. You’ll be ready to have tons of fun once you board!


5. Spread PLUR & meet new ravers!

Now, this is why I absolutely LOVE Groove Cruise!! Get ready to meet ravers from all over the world, all with different stories to tell. Lookout for one another spread peace & love, and most importantly introduce yourself to as many people as you can! You will make friendships that will last a lifetime, guaranteed!! Still to this day, I keep in contact with so many ravers I met on Groove Cruise Miami 2016. You will meet some of the most loving people! Before you leave, join the Groove Cruise groups on Facebook. Some of the groups include a general attendees group, girls group, virgins group, and groups for the deck you’re staying on. This is another way to connect with people before you leave and find lots of tips from veterans!

ravers make friends at groove cruise LA

6. Eat healthy! Nap often! Bring vitamins/ or Pedialyte, earplugs, and sunscreen

The key to not getting super sick or sick at all after getting off the ship is eating healthy while on board. Sometimes it is inevitable, you may get sick after like I did. I ate super healthy but still got sick because I went back to work the day after coming home. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Take a few days off so you can rest. As you may have figured out, the music never stops on Groove Cruise so your sleeping schedule will more than likely be thrown off if you don’t nap. It’s totally okay to nap as everyone does at some point! I definitely would suggest bringing a pack of earplugs for yourself so you can take naps throughout the day/night. Depending on the location of your room on the ship, you will hear the music much louder. Plus you will sleep much better; trust me on this. Don’t forget to bring vitamins and or Pedialyte to boost your immune system and stay hydrated! If you plan on drinking, this is one of the keys to surviving 96 hours of partying. Also, bring a travel size sunscreen! Remember “Washy Washy!” 

I hope these tips help all the virgins feel more prepared and have an idea of what to expect on The Groove Cruise! Have a blast, be safe, and dance your cares away! Hope to see you on next year’s cruise!!

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