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Some ravers just have it when it comes to styling cute rave clothes for festivals and events. Rave outfits are some of the most fun looks to style because you can add lots of accessories and fun pieces to make an outfit truly unique, but sometimes that can add extra challenges! For years we've been loving every single unique and detailed look that we see @Sunflowerraver create and we're excited to finally reveal that we're launching a new collection with her! Learn more about the pieces below, like what inspired the collection and what you can expect!
iHeartRaves:  Tell us a bit about the collection: What inspired it? What concepts are you excited to bring to life?
Sunflower Raver: I personally have always felt the most comfortable when wearing rave wear that I didn’t feel the need to adjust often. But, I also enjoy wearing multiple pieces to create an entire look. Both of these sets fit into this criteria excellently. I also really wanted to have sets that gave a magical fairy-type of vibe. Both along the lines of something more colourful, and something a bit more neutral. It’s a concept of free flowing movement in an ethereal fairy-like way.
iHeartRaves:  What were some of the challenges you faced in creating this collection? 
SR: We faced some challenges when it came to the exact design of the rainbow butterfly set. Working with a 3D fabric can be quite difficult, especially to make the skirt asymmetrical. The ribbon detailing had to be just right in order to preserve the overall flow of the outfit. Picking out the fabrics themselves I found to be a bit difficult as well as I find myself to be a bit indecisive. The blue set was almost pink instead, but ultimately, I think we made the right decision. 
iHR:  Your looks are always very well-detailed. How do you approach styling an outfit?
SR: When styling and outfit I try to focus on what piece of the outfit is going to be the focal point. What can I add around this focal point in order to make it stand out even more? I like having something that I can build up off of. The statement piece can be the set I’m wearing, a body harness, shoes, anything. I tend to add pieces where I know will excentuate my body, and create lines in the outfits overall shape. Small details like the charm on a garter, or matching my belt to my necklace helps things come together flawlessly too!
iHR:  Do you have a favorite look you've ever styled?
SR: My favourite look I have ever styled is a tough one. I have a top few, so in no particular order; 2022 Lost Lands Naomi, 2022 Bass Canyon Kirito, and the Brown outfit I wore to Lost Lands 2022. All of these have been some of my top favourites as I made all of them. I could really focus on the shapes of each outfit and create this head to toe flow that worked so well. 
iHR:  Which festivals are you most excited for this year?
SR: This year, I am the most excited for Shambhala. I haven’t been on the farm since 2019. That festival was a major turning point in my life, so being able to come back to it as a person who has grown so much is extremely exciting. i am excited for others sure. But, I just love the farm. 
iHR:  Favorite festival memory?
SR: My favourite festival memory is from Shambhala as well funny enough. It was pouring rain, and I was at the pagoda stage watching Deathpacts first ever set. I was wearing a trash bag over a swimsuit, and my shoes were just absolutely soaked through. I ended up just taking off my shoes, and my socks and just sinking my toes in the mud. Nothing else mattered in that moment. I wasn’t with any of my friends, it was just me, the music, the rain, and the mud. I have never experienced something so lovely. 
iHR:  If you created a piece of kandi right now, what would it say?
SR: If I could create a piece of Kandi right now it would say FURBY GRIPPERS

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