June 26, 2020 | 0 COMMENTS

Whether you're still in quarantine or slowly starting to enjoy outdoor activities again, summertime is all about relaxation, fun, and enjoying life.  While bars are still closed or wearily opening in some states, you can bring the bar to you with these unique cocktail recipes. Making your own quality cocktails at home is a fun activity to share with roommates or bae. 

Always start with higher-quality liquor and fresh ingredients to get the most out of your cocktail experience. A cocktail shaker will make your drinks incorporate better but you can always just stir them if you don't have the supplies. Once you learn the basics of cocktail making- you can start creating your own recipes in no time! These drinks can be enjoyed at home, by the pool or in your backyard. But for now, take our quiz to find out what your signature summer drink should be. 

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