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Rolita Couture
Photo Credit: iHeartRaves

Brands We Love: All About Rolita Couture

With its trippy prints and fun accessories, Rolita Couture is easily one of our most exciting brands that we collaborate with regularly. The pieces are often form-fitting and incorporate bright colors, shiny textures, or unique shapes. When you're at a rave or festival there is no better way to show off your sexy side than with one of our flattering bodysuits or two-pieces released with Rolita Couture.

Rolita Couture Friction Chain Top, Bad Girl Fishnet Mini Skirt and Wrap Me Up Bottoms

The latest collection with Rolita Couture just dropped today, so to celebrate we talked to the brand's founder, Rosa Yanisselli. Yanisselli founded the brand in 2013 as an Etsy shop after she applied for a job as a nurses assistant but never got an interview. As it turned out, the universe was trying to send a message, and it was not getting the interview that led her to make the jump into a passion project with Rolita Couture. After a few years, Rolita Couture became bigger than she could have imagined.

Rolita Couture Buckle Up Top, Goddess Wrap Top, Bootylicious Bottoms and Bad Girl Mini Skirt

"I want to inspire women to feel sexy and confident in their body by wearing clothes that fit them and make them feel beautiful," Yanisselli writes on her website. "I want to dedicate my life and career promoting body confidence and self love. I want to show to every woman how beautiful, special and unique they are. I want to give a voice and space to those women who feel excluded in life, those who feel they are not good enough and also to the ones that feel amazing about themselves." she writes.

Read on for our interview with Rosa Yanisselli of Rolita Couture, and check out the cute pieces that dropped on the iHeartRaves site with Rolita Couture!

Rolita Couture X iHeartRaves Black Rebel Chain Top and Bootylicious Chain Thong Bottoms


iHeartRaves: What do you do with Rolita Couture?
Rosa Yanisselli: I am the Boss Lady! As a small business owner, I wear many hats. I Design, Cut, Sew, Social media, Photograph, and many more things that I can't think of right now. LOL
iHR: Can you describe what Rolita Couture is to you?
RY: Rolita Couture for me is my baby. It's my passion and it's what gave me a new opportunity in life! Before Rolita Couture, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I was putting all my energy into the wrong things, but all that changed the day I decided to open originally as an Etsy shop. Rolita Couture has changed my entire world.
iHR: What does rave culture mean to you?
RY: The rave culture is the family you choose, and I don't think there is a better culture. I was welcomed with open arms into this judgemental, free place. My business wouldn't have survived 2020 without the culture and I'm so grateful for that. 
iHR: What are some of your favorite pieces that Rolita Couture has done with iHeartRaves?
RY: By far my favorite piece is the Fantasy Skirt we made in 2017 because it was inspired by my EDC wedding dress. I also love the Bootylicious Bottoms because it makes all who wear them their Booty POP!
iHR: What are some of your favorite festival fashion trends?
RY: There are so many trends that I love, but right now I have been enjoying things made with fringe. They look so fun and it reminds me of the salsa competition dresses. [Editor's Note: This piece just dropped today and we're obsessed].
iHR: What trends do you see popping up in the next year?
RY: I think acrylic jewelry is gonna get heavy next year. I see more and more girls wearing them to festivals and they look amazing! I also see things like Psychedelic things popping! (ex: Mushrooms)
Last Updated: 2/17/22
Originally Published: 7/23/21

Julia Sachs is the blog editor at iHeartRaves.

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