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Styling a look for a festival or show is SO much fun, but buying new pieces every time those tickets hit your inbox can harm your wallet and the planet. Here are ten tips to help you reuse rave clothes and be a little more sustainable.

Mix And Match Old Pieces

You can build a completely new look from pieces you’ve already worn before. Take two monochrome outfits and turn them into one color-blocked ensemble. Pair solids with prints, mix and match prints, add a mesh overlay, nothing is off limits!

Pair The Old With The New

You can still be sustainable while rocking new, trendy pieces. If you wore the Break Ya Neck Outfit at your last fest, try swapping the chaps for the Lava Psychadelia Mini Skirt. Add some neon accessories and you have a totally unique outfit, even though you only bought one new piece.

Change The Vibe Of The Outfit

A piece that you once wore as part of an edgier fit can be transformed into something flirty, trippy or even groovy. If you had an all black moment in the House Bunny Lace Up Top, check out the Watercolor Eyes Outfit. Just like that the top goes from serious to playful!

Change Up The Venue

When I rewear old pieces, I like to wear them to a new venue so it doesn’t feel totally repetitive. Your local club and a major festival have entirely different feels. You’ll be seeing different people and hearing different music, so you won’t need a brand new outfit to have an original experience. Try pairing pieces you wore to festivals with toned-down club wear for a new look, or vice versa. 

Try Adjustable Or Reversible Pieces

Adjustable and reversible pieces are awesome because they’re super easy to style in different ways. You can tie any basic triangle top in countless ways. Flip it upside down, and crisscross the straps so that the options are pretty much endless.

Swap With Friends

You don’t have to throw out your old outfits just because you don’t plan on wearing them ever again. If any of your friends wear the same size as you, have a rave clothes swap party. You’ll save money, be sustainable and be able to share with your friends!

Accessorize Differently

Accessories can make any outfit new. The easiest way to do this is with an all-black outfit like the Ride Or Die Outfit. Colorful gloves, earrings, and hair extensions will completely change the look. You can also switch it up just by reaching for the gold glitter instead of the silver next time.

Keep It Clean

So this tip isn’t as much about styling as it is about caring for your rave clothes. We all know festivals can get muddy, dusty, sweaty, and just gross. You should try your best to hand wash your outfits as soon as possible to get any stains out. Store them neatly so they don’t wrinkle or crease, and they’ll look as good as new next time you need something to wear!

Sell Or Swap On Social Media

Maybe you’ve worn a piece one too many times, or you’re just looking for something else. You can still get something new while recycling worn clothes. There are a ton of social media groups dedicated to selling or swapping ravewear. Radiate and Facebook are great places to start, and with this option you can even make some money while saving the planet!

Just Re-wear It!

There’s no shame in wearing the same outfit twice. Festivals are expensive and you shouldn’t feel like you need to buy a new outfit in addition to your ticket. My guess is that no one at this festival has even seen you wear the fit before, so don’t be afraid to just rewear it!

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