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No color scheme is found in more abundance at festivals than pastel. Pastel clothing pieces exude an air of whimsicality and effervescence—the very spirit of festivals such as Dreamstate—and is the perfect move to add a little bit of kawaii flavor to your wardrobe.

Pastel colors can be any of your standard ROYGBIV colors with a bunch of white added to them, but the most frequently found shades in rave wear are pink, purple, and blue.

Winter and Spring are the two seasons that come to mind when thinking of the mood pastel portrays. With nature’s own colors softening during these seasons, fashion tends to follow its lead with its waning vibrance.

reflective chaps

Now U See Me Reflective Chaps

Pastel pants are the move for your next fest while it is still chilly out. The Now U See Me Reflective Chaps keep you warm with their length, while adding both a subtle hint of pastel color and a flash of reflective fabric. Easily make these the perfect fit by pairing the chaps with a pastel top and reflective jacket or visa versa. Bonus points if you have some pastel boots or sneakers to add to the look, but pastel pairs with white so well that you will not need to even think twice about what is going on your feet.

Pinkomatic Rhinestone Cutout Bralette

A Beautiful Fleeting Moment Mesh Long Sleeve Top and Skirt

Sweet Swirlz Tie Front Top and Mesh Skirt

short set

Tempt Me Two-Piece Short Set

Sweet Thing Cold Shoulder Top

rhinestone top

Cotton Candy Craze Rhinestone O-Ring Halter Top

Glamour Girl Pearl Studded Marabou Skirt Set

And speaking of perfect pastel pairings, you can never go wrong with adding a few holographic touches, like a choker or some cute tinsel ears, here and there. If you live in a warmer part of the country or your events are held inside, the Same Ol’ Me But More Fab Rhinestone Mesh Bell Bottoms and matching crop top are the MOVE. Mesh is a big YES over here, and the added rhinestones will keep you sparkling both day and night.

Same Ol' Me But More Fab Rhinestone Crop Top and Bell Bottoms

As the weather starts to warm up, it is time to put away the pants (thank goodness) and break out the skirts and rave bottoms. Give off some celestial vibes with the J. Valentine x iHR Dancefloor Destiny Tie Front Top and Meshi Mini Skirt or show up to your next fest as a straight up rave princess in the Magic’s In the Air Rhinestone Mesh Skirt that comes with a bejeweled triangle top, rhinestone studded tutu, and a pair of booty shorts.

J. Valentine X iHR Dancefloor Destiny Tie Front Top

Besides giving off major princess vibes, pastel pieces are the move if you want to hop on that butterfly trend we all know and love. Just add some butterfly accessories, like the Baby Blue Butterfly Hair Clips, Neva Nude Butterfly Sparkle Pasties, or the Lunita Shroom Butterfly Earrings, to your pastel look and you will be ready to say “It’s Rave Day!’” in no time.

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