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Festival season is here, babe. Temperatures are rising and lineups are dropping. Once the rave fam buys tickets and books the air bnb, it’s time to start planning those fits. Here’s a guide to one of my favorite trends: hearts! What’s a better way to show off your love for your festie besties than showing off your new heart patterned set?

Whether you keep it dark and edgy or bright and colorful, there is a heart set for you. Hearts are always in style, no matter what your style is! Love the way you look and wear these sets in any way your heart desires.

A little edge

Feel sleek and sexy in our red and black heart inspired fits. Add black boots, chains, and some sunnies for a little extra edge.  Here are some of my favorite edgy heart fits: 

Violet Vibez Rhinestone Heart Top

Ever Romantic Splice Heart Top

Sweet Talk Cutout Top

Sparkly heart rave outfits

Sparkles are always a good idea, especially at a rave or festival. Light up the dance floor with a sparkly fit. Add cute boots and fluffs and leave everyone speechless.

In a Heartbeat Vinyl Top and Skirt

Brights & Neons

If pastels and sparkles aren't your thing that's ok, you can still rock hearts this festival season. If flirty and fun was an outfit, it would be these fits. Style them with leg wraps and a hat and serve some seriously cute looks at your next rave.


EastnWest Label Sweet Dreams Darling Hi-Waist Bottoms

EastnWest Label Sweet Dreams Darling Heart Ring Top

Don't forget the accessories! 

Check out these super cute ways to level up any festie fit. Make it your own! It’s all about you babe, and accessories are the PERFECT way to express yourself in any fit. 

R U Furreal Heart Choker

You can’t spell PLUR without LOVE, so wear your heart on your sleeve, look good, and feel good this festival season! We can’t wait to see how beautiful you look in all of your iHeartRaves outfits. Be sure to tag us in all your Instagram posts so we can see how you style your heart patterned outfits @iheartraves. See you under the lasers, babe!

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