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Rave Trend Guide: Fishnet and Mesh
Photo Credit: @carmelly_15 on Instagram

Rave Trend Guide: Fishnet and Mesh

If you have ever looked at yourself after you have gotten all dressed up for a festival and thought “this outfit is missing something,” then you are not alone. That cherry on the top might just be a fishnet accent piece.

fishnet rave clothes

fishnet skirt

Fishnet Mini Skirt

fishnet shorts

The Realest Fishnet Biker Shorts

A staple in a rave baddie’s wardrobe, fishnets add a textural component to a look that would otherwise be solid, without adding much more fabric. Fishnets are also perfect to add to your look if you are not quite comfortable yet with showing off a lot of skin because they hide enough to leave a little to the imagination.

How to Style Fishnet and Mesh

Fishnet accents go so far beyond just tights. Use fishnet thigh highs with garters for a simple, yet fire, statement to virtually any outfit. Accentuate your arms with fishnet arm warmers and gloves. Toss a fishnet skirt over your bottoms for a look that can easily translate to a club outfit. Slip into some fishnet biker shorts to add some dimension. Wear a fishnet bodysuit to add texture EVERYWHERE. I’ve even transformed fishnet tights into a top and used a fishnet facemask as a tube top to add a littleje ne sais quoi with my under bust corset.

fishnet body suit

Fishnet Body Suit

fishnet crop top

Bad Decisions Fishnet Crop Top

Fishnets come in virtually any color, so why not switch up the classic black with another color that compliments the rest of your outfit? Are you wearing pink on your top, but black on your bottom? Throw on some pink fishnet stockings to mirror your color scheme without the fishnets blending in. Is your outfit completely white, but you want to wear colorful jewelry? A rainbow bodysuit would be the perfect edition to tie everything all together. Want to keep your outfit black and white? Put on one white stocking with one that is black and do the same thing with your garters

@ravebabydar on Instagram

Fishnets are the perfect accent piece to add a little edgy-ness to your next look. But whatever form of fishnet you choose to wear to your next show, just beware of zipper pulls.

Celeste Wrye is a blogger at iHeartRaves.

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