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If you are looking for your next outfit to be out of this world, look no further than the outer universe for inspiration. A perfect look for festivals such as Countdown NYE, an alien rave outfit can be executed in so many different ways.

Keep your fit uniform or mix and match pieces from each of the categories below to style an extraterrestrial outfit that is exclusively you. You don't have to go all-out if it's not Halloween and literally dress up as an alien, but who's to say you can't channel the little green men year-round? 

Don't Be A Stranger Outfit


If you want to keep it classic, style yourself in some neon green pieces like the Solstice Kiss Holo Strappy Halter Top and High Cut Bottoms paired with alien or space themed accessories like the One Stop Rave Alien Melt Earrings or Spaceship Trip Earrings with the Astral Traveler Alien Double Choker

Switch it up from the classic green look with any neon color you vibe with and accessories to match. Many of the alien and neon pieces on IHR’s website that come in green are also available in neon pink like the Neon Mesh Arm Warmers and Y2K Pop Star Earrings. The Intercosmic Magic Blacklight Body Sticker set comes in UV green, pink, orange, and yellow for you to play around with a variety of colors. 

If you have been obsessing over the Lunita X IHR Saturn Return Earrings in lilac like the rest of us, an entire kawaii-goes-to-space set is ready for you in the form of the Lunita X IHR Ultra Violet Ultra Crop Top, Butterfly Kisses Wrap Top and Falling Star Mesh Skirt

Sexy To Infinity Outfit


Reflective pieces scream futuristic in the way the fabric casts light into the dark. Adding just one or two reflective pieces to your fit goes a long way.

For a set featuring reflective and alien print, look no further than the Alien Alert Reflective Splice O-Ring Halter Top and Booty Shorts with its asymmetrical fabric layout.

Finish your look with some reflective outerwear like the Handle This Scandal Reflective Ultra Crop Top with its alien and spaceship designs on the sleeves or the Temporary High Reflective Splice Ultra Crop Top which combines neon green and reflective fabric to have a fit that looks and feels finished.

Star Cruiser Outfit

Add some reflective finishing touches to any look with items like the Sasswear X IHR Otherworldlies Reflective Alien & Star Melt Pasties And Body Stickers Set, a Pair Of Non-Slip Reflective Leg Wraps, YRU’s Dune Alien Rainbow Reflective Platform Shoes or mirrored accessories like Rolita Couture’s Space Traveller Alien Necklace and Lost In Space Alien Pants Chain.

For a more cohesive look, keep in mind while shipping what colors your pieces reflect when light shines on them. Some pieces reflect silver, while others reflect rainbow. Try to stick with the same reflective color to keep your outfit uniform.

Alien Abduction Outfit


For a raver-meets-astronaut, holographic pieces are the way to go. Sets like Stargirl Holo Underboob Top and Skater Skirt are the perfect base to add all sorts of alien and star themed accessories to.

To keep the holo theme going, look for accessories like a Pair Of Non-Slip Holographic Leg Wraps, Silver Twilight Holographic Platforms or the Hologram Alien Backpack to bring your look to the next level.

Close Encounters Outfit

Lost In Space Outfit

And don’t forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s when it comes to the makeup part of your look. Neva Nude Ur Space Bestie Pasties, Sasswear X IHR Otherworldlies Holo Alien & Star Melt Pasties And Body Stickers Set, and Lunautics Holla Gurl Glitter will give your outfit that finished look you have been aiming for.

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