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EDC Las Vegas is here after two and a half years of waiting. For many people, the lengthy pause from the pandemic means that EDC 2021 will be their first ever EDC Las Vegas. The longer you go to raves the more tips and tricks you come up with, so I talked to some veteran ravers about things they wish they knew before their first EDC Las Vegas to help all of our new rave fam get ready for the weekend. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for new ravers:


"1. Always bring a tissue pack. Unstocked porta potties are no joke.
2. If you’re driving to/from an event, stock your car with protein filled snacks and water/gatorade for the way home. Keep an emergency bag ready with Advil and anything medical you may need as well as comfy clothes for the way home.
3. Some fests allow you to bring in electrolyte packs for your water. I purchase a new hydration pack bladder every other fest for the reason of turning my water into hydro water.
4. Earplugs are an essential part of rail riding if you care about your hearing AND they’re great for camping at night to turn down the festival noise.
5. Have an escape plan. Always. This may seem trivial but I’ve been left at fests before and had to find my own way home. Sometimes things happen, but it’s better to be prepared."


"Treat each festival like a marathon and NOT a sprint. Take your time, and don’t get down on yourself for missing a set"


"Dude, I'm short. My pro-tip is to stand on the sides of the crowd and not too far in so you'll see better and not have to touch as many people. If I can't see, why am I there? Even in platforms sometimes you just have a group of tall guys right there. Or stand on the inner rails near the sound booth."


"Charged Phone, Meeting Location with a set time, some sort of face covering because some events are dusty!"


"Always put on any glitter while you’re standing in the shower/tub! Don’t wear clothing that can get caught on others in the crowd (I.e. long fringe). Bring zip locks into the festival to put your phone in if the weather gets rainy. After the festival, walk farther away from the grounds or wait some time to get lower Uber/Lyft costs. Shower every day, the amount of dirt you find up your nose will surprise you"


"1. When you don’t need your phone to call/text anyone, put it on airplane mode to save battery.
2. Target usually has cute sneakers that are cheap, and you can buy gel insoles for them. I’ve never gotten blisters and my feet actually feel totally fine after. And whatever shoes you wear, break them in before you go! Comfy > cute
3. Eat healthy and stay hydrated in the week leading up to the rave, and try to eat as healthy as possible while you’re there. You’ll feel way better, they can be exhausting and good nutrition really helps! Especially if you’re drinking, etc.
5. Set a meet-up zone with your group and make it really specific (like instead of “meet at the Ferris wheel” say “meet at the front right corner of the Ferris wheel”)
6. Go on someone’s shoulders during a set to see what it looks like, it’s AMAZING."


"I make 'bathroom packs' for every festival. In a small makeup bag, I put: clorox wipes, Charmin/baby wipes, and hand sanitizer. It makes bathroom trips a little less gross!"


"I have a small flashlight in [my bathroom pack] because the port-a-potties are so dark I can't see. I recently found a small one that's on a key chain that's super bright."


"•STRETCH before, during and after the show. You know how much we walk and stand? Mainly on concrete or asphalt, just a couple stretches for 20 seconds can change how run down your body feels after those long EDC fests.
•Break in new shoes the week or so before the event so you don't get blisters or bring band aids if you think you’ll get bothered by your shoes.
•Gold Bond has a baby powder spray that helps it stick better than just baby powder, so no chaffing.
•Plan out the day/night to see sets & explore. Even if you want to see every set, give yourself time to enjoy the entire experience of the festival!
•Always bring a travel pack of tissues - since they can be used for so many things TP, Napkin, etc.
•Always bring gum or mints, fresh breath is the best way to rave.
•Drink water & electrolytes, I noticed I feel better switching from a Powerade to the camel back a time or two during the festival."


"The first time you go into the port-a-potty, grab a good sized bunch of TP and put it in your fanny pack / backpack for later. Often times you’ll come back again and you’ll be out of luck with toilet paper"


"Get Pedialyte powder and put it in your camel back!"

Response from Andrea:

"Please wash your camel back, the hose, and the mouth piece super well if you do this because it can mold super easily."


"To prevent blisters: Break in your new tough shoes by wrapping them with a towel and pounding out the tough areas with a hammer.

Double layer your socks with fuzzy socks under boots.

Bring a muscle roller for before and after."


And, finally, if you decide last minute that you want to change your outfit plans, or want to pick up a jacket for the cooler EDC nights, check out the Lux Rave pop up shop in the Luxor hotel & casino to shop tons of iHeartRaves favorites last minute!

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