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Time to relax, babes. With Virgo season coming to a close and the sun shifting to Libra season you might be feeling like things are finally under control enough that you can step back and enjoy life a little more. Libra is an air sign, which might make you feel more social and in the mood to work on your relationships. Charming Libra is the sign of relationships. So whether that be relationships with friends, family, colleagues, or a partner, you might feel more open to working on that area of your life right now. 

For those of you with Libra in your sun (happy birthday), moon, or rising, Libra season can be a time to bring out your inner socialite. If u don't have this air sign in ur big 3, though, don't worry. I'll be posting a new guide each month so keep an eye out for next month when I go over you rave babes with Scorpio in ur sun, moon, and rising.

 Libra Sun 

Libra babes are charming and intelligent. U probably chase the good vibes at the rave and don't want anything to do with negativity or drama. Ur at ur best when everyone in the group is having a good time, and u always know how to work the crowd or get people to enjoy being around u. Maybe ur even the DJ! Here are some top picks for u, babe: 

Break Ya Neck Outfit

Sound Healer Outfit

Trip of My Life Outfit

Libra Moon

As a Libra moon u naturally gravitate toward things that make u feel peaceful or at home. U have an artistic side to u that makes u appreciate the finer things in life, and people find that they can easily connect with u on an emotional level. Here are some top picks for u: 

Wild Wanderer Outfit

Dino Doll Outfit

Creature of the Night Outfit

Libra Rising

Rave babes with Libra Rising are caring and attentive. Ur most likely out of ur rave fam to check in on everyone—and I mean everyone. U may be the one checking on strangers to make sure they're ok, or u could be the one that people trust to keep them safe. U might be the rave mom of ur group, but ur still having a great time and bring the good vibes anywhere u go. Here are my top picks for u: 

Wild West Warrioress Outfit

Forest Fairy Outfit

Freaky Forever Outfit

Not sure where your sun, moon and rising are in your chart? Check out this website that can give you everything you need to know.

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