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Aquarius is the sign of astrologers, and your passion and interest for astrology shows in your sense of style. Aquarius is an air sign, and the season can feel like a breath of fresh air and focus toward the new. As we head out of winter and into spring, it's time to start planning your festival season looks. Aquarius season is from January 19 to February 18.

Here are some pieces that I recommend for those of you with Aquarius placements in your big 3 (your sun, moon or rising sign). If you don't have Aquarius in your big 3, though, don't worry. I'll be posting a new guide each month so keep an eye out for next month when I go over you rave babes with Pisces in your sun, moon, and rising.

Aquarius Sun

Happy birthday, babe! Your sun in Aquarius gives you a realistic but hopeful outlook on life. You're hyper aware of your surroundings and are intelligent in knowing how to navigate the world around you. At festivals, you're probably the one that's always looking out for your group, but you're able to let loose and have fun while taking leadership within your rave fam. Many astrologers believe that Aquarius is the official sign of astrology, meaning that those of you born with an Aquarius suns have an instinct when it comes to understanding the stars. Here are some picks just for you:




Aquarius Moon

You always have your head in the stars, Aquarius Moon. You're a deep thinker and are always in your head, but that's what helps you stand out and live on your own terms. At raves, you love to stand out in a crowd and you're not afraid to be the center of attention, or at least you feel that way deep down. You feel best when you're being 100% yourself, so don't be afraid to go all out in your rave looks. Here are some pieces I've picked for you, Aquarius moon:




Aquarius Rising

You're all about being creative, Aquarius Rising, and when it comes to rave clothes that means mixing and matching your own looks to create something unique that will stand out. You're always ahead of the trend game, and you prefer to set trends rather than follow them. Here are some pieces with you in mind, but I know you'll have a better time curating your own looks rather than letting someone else tell you what to wear.


Flashbang Matrix Reflective Halter Outfit 

Moonlit Mystique Outfit

Thunderstruck Outfit

Not sure where your sun, moon and rising are in your chart? Check out this website that can give you everything you need to know.

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