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There have been tons of new releases lately that we can't get enough of! Here are some of our favorites from the last couple of months, with fits that we would wear to see the artists in concert. 

Runaway (U & I) Subtronics Remix - Subtronics

In 2015, “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis became the song of the summer with its pop-house sound. It took eight years for Subtronics to produce and release his remix to this track but it was worth the wait. This is truly a personality piece for Jesse, who wasn’t afraid to get weird with this one. You’d never expect to hear a heavy dubstep drop and wacky soundbytes in “Runaway (U & I)” but he hit us with the unexpected.

The Fit: Psychedelic Plaything Outfit

This mix is totally unique and all about having fun. The trippy smileys and cutouts in this fit are just as lively and carefree. Add accessories to show off your style, just like Subtronics did with this remix.


Nightmare On Rezz Street 2 - Rezz

Rezz brought us another spooky mix this Halloween with Nightmare On Rezz Street 2. The visuals that coincide with these twelve IDs are insane. Think monsters, spiders, haunted carousels and other trippy Halloween scenes. These tracks sound like the OG Rezz mixes that we all love with a creepy twist.

The Fit: Break Ya Neck Outfit

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the eerie mix. Embrace the ominous vibe with this black and red outfit. It helps that those are the colors featured in most of the visuals too!


Woke Up In Love - Gryffin, Kygo & Calum Scott

Kygo and Gryffin joined forces on “Woke Up In Love,” a lighthearted and uplifting number about finding the one. Between Calum Scott’s moving vocals, Kygo’s tropical vibes and Gryffin’s dance pop drops, this song is a hit. If your love life isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be right now, pay attention to these lyrics to inspire some hope!

The Fit: Angelic Alchemist Outfit

I actually saw this song live right after it came out and it was truly magical. All my worries melted away and I felt the love radiating through the crowd. This outfit will match “Woke Up In Love’s” upbeat energy, giving you the ultimate experience.

Thrive - Slander

After teasing this album for what felt like forever, Slander finally released Thrive on September 22nd. We got a taste of the album with “Love Is Gone” and we adored it, immediately making it the duo’s most played single on Spotify. Thrive starts with emotional love ballads, as we’d expect from Slander. They showed us on their most recent EP that they had been experimenting with techno, and you’ll find a couple similar tracks at the end of this album as well.

The Fit: Safety First Fishnet Reflective Vest

This vest combines two trends we love, reflective fabric and fishnets, to create a totally unique piece. Stand out in the crowd while dancing to this long awaited album on the Thrive tour. Enjoy the classic Slander tracks and get a taste of their newest techno ventures.

Space Candy - Zingara

Earlier this year Zingara stole bassheads’ hearts with “Astra,” and now she’s back with another banger. With vocals that’ll put you in a trance and trippy astral-trap beats, “Space Candy” is a must listen. Since blowing up on TikTok and winning Excision’s Bass Music Initiative, Zingara has blessed us with some dope bass tracks, played at Lost Lands, and proved that she has what it takes to be the next great DJ of our time.

The Fit: Bubblegum Bish Outfit

This mind-bending piece needs an extraterrestrial fit to match. The trippy print is outer space themed and will go perfectly with “Space Candy.”

Protocol - Dion Timmer

This track takes a minute and a half to drop but boy is it worth the wait. For that first minute and a half you’ll be transported to another dimension. Only listen to the words if you want to question your entire existence. And finally, the neck-breaking drop. With dirty wubs and rhythmic bass, it’s one to remember.

The Fit: Cyber Matrix Chain Halter Top

You obviously need a cyber look to wear when hearing this futuristic song live. This top adds an edgy chain accent to a robotic print. Pair it with the matching bottoms to complete the look!

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