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DJs have been kicking off the summer in the best way possible, with tons of new releases. Early summer is an awesome time for new music because we’ll have a chance to see these tracks live at festivals. We’ve created the ultimate guide to some of the hottest June releases, pairing each one with the perfect outfit to wear when you get to hear it live.

XYZ – Deadmau5

This nine and a half minute track was the first drop from Deadmau5’s  We Are Friends XI Compilation. The release date for the rest of this piece is tbd, but “XYZ” certainly has house heads pumped for it. With a song this long, Deadmau5 could really take his time with the build up in the intro. You’ll hear a lot of his signature beat repetition, along with the addition of various other sounds like synths and kick drums that’ll really tickle your brain.

The fit:

Lost In The Speed Outfit

“XYZ” is another one of Deadmau5’s instrumental house hits that’ll keep you engaged for almost ten straight minutes. These bottoms are mostly black with a fun splash of color and they totally match the vibe of this song.

Walkerverse Pt. 1 – Alan Walker

On June 17th Alan Walker released his five song EP,  Walkerverse Pt. 1. He starts off strong with “Adventure Time.” The beginning of this number truly makes you feel like you’re heading into an exciting adventure and delivers with a super energizing drop. You won’t be wishing this instrumental track had vocals to sing along to, you’ll be too busy dancing. “Hello World” closes out the EP with a tropical tune and catchy lyrics. Each track is great in its own way, so you won’t be needing the skip button at all during this fifteen minute collection.

The fit:

Fairy Dust Kisses Outfit

Walkerverse Pt. 1’s energy is light, fun and adventurous. This outfit is just as magical as the EP and has the same joyus aura.

Escape (feat. Hayla) [Subtronics Remix] – Subtronics

Subtronics has finally gifted us with this mix after debuting it at EDC last month. John Summit, who also recently remixed “Escape,” helped Subtronics come up with the perfect drop. From high-pitched tones to gritty bass, when you hear this track for the first time you’ll have no idea what to expect next.

The fit:

Hot Topic Outfit

This song radiates happiness. Whether it’s from the memory of Kaskade and Deadmau5 surprising Subtronics on stage at EDC or just hearing the euphoria-inducing bass, you’ll be filled with love just like this heart-studded outfit.

Laserbeam – Ray Volpe

This song has been teased for quite a while on social media and was finally released on June 24th. It is already a trending audio on TikTok, paired with creators’ favorite laser shows. This dubstep track gained traction when Excision played it at Thunderdome, and went on to be the most played record at EDC this year. Now, the bass masterpiece is finally available for us to stream!

The fit:

Electric Escape Outfit

The lasers during this drop are going to be unimaginably trippy and you need an outfit to match that energy. “Laserbeam” gives off total alien vibes and the reflective details in this pattern are going to look insane with lasers bouncing off them.

[Editor's Note: This track was released on 6/30/2022 and was added by the editor.]

Hot In It - Tiesto & Charli XCX

Charli XCX is having a moment this summer with shows all over the world at major music festivals. This surprise collaboration with Tiesto will be the song of the summer when it hits dancefloors. It's the perfect blend of groovy basslines and catchy lyrics to have you dancing all night long.

The fit:

Born This Gay Outfit

It's too bad Hot In It came out on the last day of June because there's no better Pride anthem than a Charli XCX banger about looking hot. No one says pride month has to end though, so this is the fit I would recommend for any of Charli's upcoming shows. Boise will NOT know what hit it! 

These exceptional releases are just a few of many that came out this June. Check out more new music by Flux Pavilion, Alesso, Kayzo, and more!

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