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What is so Great about Lost Lands 2018? In simple terms from a basshead herself, EVERYTHING. Excision and his team hit us with the most amazing festival last year, with the least bit of problems. I know most all the bassheads that attended the first Lost Lands last year are coming for round two this year! (Ahem, ME!)   

For the festival’s inaugural year of success, they sold out Lost Lands and I have no doubt they will sell out again for year two.

Here are four things I’m looking forward to most about my second year of Lost Lands:

The Lineup

Excision dropped the lineup today and it’s EPIC. He’s done it again, putting the most amazing BASS lineup together. There are some new names I’m stoked to finally be able to see on a big festival lineup. I’m so excited #1 for Svdden Death, Nghtmre, Riot Ten,Blunts & Blondes, Xaebor, and Zomboy. This epic lineup makes round two worth every penny for me and definitely making it worth it for the first timers. I know that will be going crazy!

Lost Lands 2018 lineup featuring Excision, Flux Pavillion, Illenium, NGHTMRE, Rezz, Rusko, Slander, Snails, Zomboy


The Dinosaurs:

Last year, Legend Valley had so many dinosaurs I thought I was in a real life Jurassic park, especially when Excision started his set with the theme song. This year Excision promised more and he is delivering, “3X MORE GIANT F#%KING DINOSAURS” to be exact.

 iHeart Raves rave girl in festival outfit at Lost Lands Festival 2017 with baby dinosaur


The Festival Improvements:

Excision asked all his fans that attended Lost Lands 2017 to tell him what went right and what went wrong about the festival to take in consideration for the new year to come. He was very vocal with everything fans had wrote to him and I hope to see him and his team deliver another great festival. LL has posted on their website the few things they have added new so far,

  • Expanded 35’x10’ Car Camping Plots - 50 sq ft. bigger - Having larger car camping spots is a must at big festivals such as this one - more room to pregame!
  • Early Entry Pre-party - to be held inside festival grounds with surprise B2B sets Thursday 6-11pm!
  • Quiet Camping  - this may sound lame, but believe it or not, there are some cavemen/cavewomen who like to sleep after headbanging with dinosaurs all day/night.
  • Payment Plans - Payment plans are becoming almost needed for festivals because most of us are on a budget. It helps everyone out to be able to pay in smaller amounts instead of paying full for a festival months in advance.
  • Themed Sound Camps - I'm not entirely sure what this will entail, but it sounds like a good time
  • 1,000,000 Watts Of Bass - Personally, my ears are tingling and my ribcage isn’t ready at the sight of 1,000,000 WATTS OF BASS. Excision will always be the G.O.A.T. of pushing watt limits and we love him for that.
  • MORE dinosaurs - (yes, this is worth mentioning twice in this article)


The New Dates:

This year Lost Lands is moved to the third weekend of September 14th-16th as opposed to the last weekend in September, which falls before Fall Term starts for those of you college kids who are on a quarter system! 

Hopefully, it will also mean that it'll be a little warmer than last year. While it was gorgeous last year in Legend Valley during the day, it did get a bit chilly at night. While that doesn’t mean it guarantees better weather, it definitely increases our chances. Regardless, there are still tons of ways to look cute with clothes from iHeartRaves outerwear section if the weather gets chilly!

rave girl in festival outfit with neon thigh high socks and crop top at Lost Lands Music Festival 2017 in ohio

With all that being said, I am going to say this loud and proud: I AM NOT PREPARED for my second round of lost lands!! How can I be when round one was absolutely unforgettable?

Check out Lost Lands website for more information and to grab tickets ASAP (they haven’t sold out yet, but I would definitely act fast). Find me walking with the dinosaurs again in September!




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