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May 13, 2022 | 1 COMMENTS

If there's one thing KAR POW knows, it's what it requires to get a crowd going and keep them on their toes. After coming up in the Detroit area, KAR POW got her start as a DJ with the intention not to get into any one genre, but to deliver a set that flows together while maintaining an element of surprise. In preparation for her set at GRIDLIFE Midwest, a motorsports music festival happening in Southaven, Michigan from June 3-5 this summer, we caught up with KAR POW on what inspires her sets and what her festival fashion favorites are for 2022. 

iHeartRaves: Tell us a bit about your live sets and what the audience can expect at GRIDLIFE Midwest?

KAR POW: At the moment, I’m really into hard techno (so that). But I never want to put myself, my music, or mixing into a box. I’d describe my sound as raw, emotive and intense. Expect to go hard. Expect to have fun. Expect to dance your face off. But I also hope you feel it in your heart and soul — that's the cherry on top!

iHR: What got you into DJing?

KP: At shows and festivals, I’d always find myself trying to figure out exactly what the DJ was doing on stage. What started as a fascination turned into a fierce love for the art of DJing, but it took me years to finally say fuck it and go for it. Having a creative outlet and playing house parties for friends were my original intentions and things kind of escalated from there. DJing is now an obsession.

iHR: Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming projects? Are there any releases in the pipeline?

KP: Yes! Original music and fashion line coming in 2023. Can't wait to release all these ideas that have been living in my head.

iHR: When it comes to your rave or festival style, how do you approach creating a look?

KP: Comfort over everything, especially if I’m performing at the festival. If I feel comfortable, then I’m more likely to feel sexy and confident and kill it on stage. If that means a see-through bodysuit, cool. If that means a baggy t-shirt, also cool. Most of my closet consists of black or camo prints, but I borrowed this iHeartRaves-worthy dress from my Wifey just for the occasion!

iHR: What rave fashion trends are you most excited to see this festival season?

KP: Not really a trend, but I love seeing individuality shine through fashion, especially at music festivals. Those who choose to be themselves unapologetically and wear whatever the hell they want — that’s what's up!

iHR: If you made a piece of kandi today what would it say?

KP: Fuck with me or don’t!

iHR: Favorite festival memory?

KP: Seeing Alison Wonderland play at Electric Forest in 2015 is hands down my favorite festival memory. She left everything on that stage and, in my opinion, that kind of performance sets the bar. It was so lovely, leaving that set feeling so inspired and empowered — and that’s what I strive to do for others as well!


Sarah said:

Seriously cannot wait for your set at Gridlife! We are so blessed with local talent here in the Midwest!

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