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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Rolita Couture on iHeartRaves.com. We love our community more than anything and supporting small designers is one of our favorite ways to give back. The moment we met Rolita at EDC, we knew it was time for a beautiful partnership to begin.

Rolita is a treasured member of the community and her passion is apparent through her next level designs. Read below for an interview with this sparkling rave queen!

happy rave girl in black iridescent outfit

Rolita herself. Photo by Alyx Blu

When did you start raving/ going to festivals?

My first electronic music event was in my country, Panama, in 2007 when I saw Donald Claude for the first time. That day, I fell in love with electronic music and since then I have been raving nonstop.


Tell us about one of your most epic memories from a rave/festival.

I have so many good memories that it’s hard to just choose one but my favorite one was my wedding at EDCLV. That whole day was pure magic, beautiful and unbelievable.  I married the best man in the world, my partner in crime, my best friend and the person who gave me the idea to start this business. I shared that special moment with some of my closest friends and I had the opportunity to meet Amanda (Mama Unicorn) and Kelcey (Tiny Dancer) for the first time.


Some of the best things about that day besides getting married to an amazing man is that I made my own wedding dress and my husband’s outfit with the help of my brother.  My brother gave the outfits that extra touch and to share that with him was beautiful.


rave couple getting married at festival

Photo by Insomniac Events


Tell me about your relationship with iHeartRaves.

Since I started Rolita Couture, I have looked at iHR as an inspiration to grow and get better at what I do.  It’s incredible how Brian has grown a small business to what it is right now.  I have watched his Shark Tank experience a couple of time just to learn more about him.  I love what you guys do for the rave community, you are always empowering women to feel comfortable in their own body.


What inspired you to create this magical attire?

When I have the chance to go to festivals, I pay attention to what styles girls are wearing, so when I go back home I have an idea of what to make. Festivals, in general, are a big inspiration because you see all kinds of people wearing crazy things and It doesn’t matter if the colors match or not. What’s important is that we feel great!


rave girls wearing matching sparkly festival outfits

Photo by Haley Busch


What does PLUR mean to you?

For me, PLUR is more than what the words say: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.  It’s a lifestyle and it should be practiced every day and not just by us ravers but the entire world. It would be amazing if other people outside the rave community knew about it and practiced. Imagine if we lived in a world full of peace and love, respecting everyone around us and getting along as one. The world would be fascinating.


What’s one song you’ll never stop listening to?

There are many songs that I love to listen to so I can’t choose one but if you ask me who my favorite DJ is, it would be Major Lazer. They remind me of the good ole days in my country of Panama. I love how they mix reggae with electronic music.  


rave girl matching in black strappy festival outfits

Photo by Haley Busch

What is your everyday attire?

Well, since I work at home, you would see me every day wearing pajamas or the most comfortable old clothes I have in my closet and barefoot.


If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?

I would be a Fairy because they are magical, can fly, love to dance and they love sparkly things just like me.


rave girl wearing black sparkly festival outfit

Photo by Haley Busch


Describe your dream home.

My dream home, ( I hope this really happens) is by the beach back in my country or Costa Rica. It’s going to be small and comfy with two bedrooms, one for me and my husband and the other one for my siblings and kids when they want to visit me and a studio for my sewing machine and fabric to sew on my free time.


Describe your customer in 3 words.

Beautiful, amazing and patient. I love them all.


What’s your favorite piece in the collection and why?

My favorite piece in the collection is the Fantasy Skirt in Unicorn [colors] because it was inspired by my wedding dress. I got so many compliments that day even from guys that wanted to get it for their girlfriends that I decided to make something similar to what I wore that day.


rave girl wearing a unicorn inspired look

 Photo by Haley Busch


What are your hopes for Rolita Couture in the future?

I have accomplished many of my goals in these four years but the next big one is to have a bigger studio with six sewing machines because I want to keep the good quality of my products by making everything handmade in the USA. I don't trust manufacturing companies to handle my products the way I want. I would also want space for shipping, inventory, and a small showroom. I want to create more jobs to give opportunities to other people in fashion.  



Chez said:

Omg that was so sweet about the skirt! I never knew it was inspired but the wedding dress! Thank you for this collaboration!

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