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September 28, 2021 | 0 COMMENTS

Halloween is just around the corner, and with COVID-19 restrictions lifting around the country, we're about to have a Halloween season for the books. If you're like me, and you probably are, you have no less than 4 parties lined up for the month of October that will each call for a different costume. There's no such thing as being casual for Halloween, and with the new iHeartRaves Halloween collection you can get a costume for every occasion, especially the special fall festivals like EDC Las Vegas. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the 2021 iHeartRaves Halloween collection:

Partner Costumes:

I do think that any of these costumes would work as an individual, but with a friend or partner these costumes are on the next level. My personal favorites are the cowboy and space ranger costume set for fans of everyone's favorite pair of toys. You could also mix and match pieces from each costume to go as a space cowboy, that way you can create two different costumes with one theme if you attend multiple events and want to reuse pieces.

woody costume

Woody Cowgirl Costume Set

totally buzzin costume set

Totally Buzzin' Costume Set

Costume ideas: light & dark angels, angel and devil, two angels and a devil for a friend group. You could also use just the wings and do a Black Swan inspired look with a friend by using both the white and black accessory kits and matching tutus.

Angelic Accessory Pack in black

angel costume

Angelic Accessory Pack in white

glitter devil horns

Heaven In Hiding Glitter Devil Horns paired with Blazin' Fire Sunglasses and the Red Alert O-Ring Top and Booty Shorts

Individual Costumes

The costumes from iHeartRaves this year are absolute fire. There are so many cute ideas that you can play with that are not only unique but culturally relevant. Here are some of my favorite individual costumes from the Halloween collection:

bunny costume

Hunni Bunny Squad Costume

cheerleader costume

Varsity Chick Costume Set

cowgirl costume

Ride 'Em Cowgirl Costume

cat costume

Can't Be Tamed Halter Top & Mini Skirt

sexy rabbit outfit

The Bomb Dot Com Outfit
medusa outfit

Planet Serpentine Outfit

pixie dust outfit

Electrified Pixie Dust Outfit

heiress costume

The Heiress Outfit

britney costume

Pop Princess Outfit

ariana costume

Ari Outfit

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