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A lot of people outside the rave community ask me what it means to be PLUR, how people express it, and basically, what PLUR is in general. Frequently, I find myself explaining that PLUR can be anything from doing random acts of kindness to letting the people you love know that you love them.

Although it can be conveyed and experienced in our everyday lives, there's nothing like those moments when you're at a festival where you truly feel the meaning of PLUR.

It's being a little too nervous to wear something, but doing it anyway — and absolutely rocking it.

PLUR is that slight pang of guilt from spending just a bit too much on kandi supplies melting away as soon as you trade someone their first piece. Especially seeing someone get stoked on something that you made!

It's when you realize your rave fam actually embodies the definition of family, in every way, shape, and form.

It's the moments where you find yourself throwing your head back, singing at the top of your lungs. Hands in the air. Wind on your cheeks. Reveling in the moment. Where suddenly, you know you are right where you need to be.

There's something strangely beautiful in the idea that everyone at a festival is in their own unique place in life. Everyone is vastly different than the person next to them, and yet, they aren't if you really think about it. We're all just trying to live our lives and be who we're meant to be. And we all love this crazy magic thing called raving enough to gather in one place, dance with strangers, and spread the love.

And we wouldn't have it any other way :)


Richard Klein said:

Interesting, but that leaves me wondering where the word came from. Is it an acronym?

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