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style guide for rave harnesses

Harnesses 101: How to Style for A Festival

There’s something inherently sexy about adding a strappy element to your rave or festival outfit. Harnesses come in many styles and shapes - from leg garters to body harnesses to harness tops, we’ve got you covered for your next festival or event.

Harness Tops
Whether you’re into all things holographic or prefer an all-black look, our harness tops are a great way to add some texture to your ensemble. Our Pixie Power Tube Top has a built in harness which is super convenient for styling. You can pair our Dark Rush Bra Harness with an all black look or over rainbow for an eye-catching combo. If you’re feelin’ extra frisky, you can style our harnesses and harness tops with pasties or jeweled pasties underneath.

Girl Wearing Purple Harness to EDC

Pixie Power Tube Top

Rainbow 2 Piece Rave Set with Black Harness

Daisy Corsets Dark Rush Bra Harness

Sparkle Queen Cyber Harness
Sparkle Cyber Queen Harness


Chain Harnesses

You can add a chain harness to just about any festival fit. For a funky care-iot-all look pair our neon harness with jeweled butterfly pasties. You can create a metallic cowgirl look or simply add another element to an otherwise simple outfit. 

Yellow Neck Chain Body Harness

Black Chain Harness with 2 Piece Rave Set

Chain Harness with Black Assless Chaps


Criss Cross Harness

Add a little sass to your ensemble with a crisscross harness, or even better, a holographic crisscross harness 

purple holographic rave outfit body harness music festival accessory

Holographic Silver Belt Harness

white rainbow snake skin criss cross body harness

 Rainbow Snake Belt Harness


Black & Strappy

Keep it simple with a black and strappy harness. You can wear this harness underneath or on top of your rave top or festival bodysuit. 

Black Strappy Harness with Neon Sets

Strapped & Dangerous Harness Bra Top


Leg Wear

No rave outfit is complete without a little legwear. From simple Leg Garter Harnesses to Leg Wraps in every color, you can add either a matching or contrasting color of legwear to your fit.

White Leg Garter Harness

Pair Of Non-Slip White Leg Wraps

Black Harness Leg Garters

Harness Leg Garters

These super cute booty shorts have leg harnesses already built in.

Built in Leg Garters

Kaleidoscope High Waisted Booty Shorts


What's your favorite harness to wear to a festival? Tell us in the comments below!

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