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We know Ghastly as the edgy character with eyes behind his shades that pierce harder than the knife tattooed on his forearm, but despite his image of an inexplicable ghost- he’s just as human, if not more than anyone else. 

Just last year, this producer was in the crowd of Beyond Wonderland hoping he’d be behind the decks one day. Fast forward, and he’s playing main stage at this years’ festival. His career didn’t come easy; he found ways to create music while working in a steakhouse to fund his passion. Now, this artist is making huge moves creating heavy music under OWSLA, Dim-Mak, Buygore, and Mad Decent. Don’t be fooled by his dark, thrashing beats- he’s got a big heart for music, and an ever larger one for his fans.

“My intention throughout music has always been to make other people’s lives better.”

Days before Lucky Festival in Seattle, Ghastly was reached out to through SnapChat and told that his biggest fan in the Northwest, Francis, had passed away. His next move? Dedicating his set to him.

“This whole set goes out to Francis,” he shouted on his mic at the festival. “Lets all feel lucky tonight that we’re all alive, and just really appreciate what it’s like to have our friends with us right now.”

His compassion is the exemplary trait to describe the type of personality he carries. It’s not about paychecks, time-slots or fame- Ghastly’s intentions through music are to reach as many people as possible in a positive way while on a mission to shake the stereotypical image we hold of DJ’s.

“This far away distant person that you’ll probably never get to meet- I’m trying to transcend that. No, that person is still a fucking human. That person still bleeds, they feel emotion, just like you, and we should all be here as one instead of for one.”

The name may hold a despairing denotation, but the motive speaks for himself. David Crow, more formally known as Ghastly, contributes the sickest sounds all while promoting the larger meaning behind the whole purpose. There’s a method to the madness, and his madness holds the refreshing morals that the electronic dance music scene will thrive off of, and grow to become more of a connected family than we are now.

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