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Freaknight in Seattle, WA
Photo Credit: Parallax and USC Events

5 sets you shouldn’t miss at Freaknight

It’s the spooky season, and you know what that means..time for Freaknight. Freaknight is Seattle’s annual Halloween-festival tradition, and this year is going to be nothing short of incredible.USC Events does a fantastic job of creating an immersive andfrightening experience with a diverse lineup that anybody can enjoy. Here are the top 5 sets you shouldn’t miss this year at Freaknight.

Freaknight Main Stage Lazers

Photo Credit: Turk Photos and USC Events


5. Rabbit in the Moon (Live)

A Rabbit in the Moon Live set is unlike anything you have ever seen. Their mesmerizing performances will have you captivated until the end. The hypnotic beats paired with psychedelic visuals will have you feelin’ some type of way. Take a look at what happened last time they were in the PNW... this was at Paradiso:

Rabbit in the Moon Live at Paradiso

Photo Credit: Turk Photos and USC Events


4. Neelix

Psytrance is one of my personal favorite genres so the next one is easy: Neelix . Neelix is a psy-god. More than likely he’ll play at Freaknight’s trance stage, and you can catch me there. The energy this man creates with his crowd is unmatched, and you can tell from watching his sets.  Do. Not. Miss. Him.


3. Dimibo

Did someone say psytrance? Dimibo is a duo from Seattle that has been doing it BIG in the psy-world. Check out their remix of Jason Ross’:The Gorge, you won’t regret it. They are currently working on a project with the king himself, Seven Lions, called “Abraxis”,  and if we are lucky, we will get a taste of their psy-project at Freaknight. Not to mention, they are as nice as they are talented.


2. k?d

k?d definitely will take the cake for most original set at Freaknight. His sets are filled with feels, psy, hard dance, dubstep and more. He is a master of all genres and he plays by his own rules. k?d has massive tracks out, and his live remixes are to die for. 


1. Porter Robinson

This one speaks for itself.  We have been blessed in the PNW once again with Porter Robinson. Porter is a master at his own game. If you have never seen Porter before, make sure to prioritize this. His sets will have you in your feels one minute and completely mind blown the next. He will be playing a DJ set, brace yourselves for greatness.


Tickets and all other info are available here. Buy yours now and join me under theTwisted Big Top for a night full of musical treats and scary tricks.

Freaknight 2019 Lineup 


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