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How to Use Pins and Patches to Elevate Your Festival Outfits
Photo Credit: Pexels

How to Use Pins and Patches to Elevate Your Festival Outfits

Nothing sets you apart from the crowd quite like the right combination of accessories. The way you style your festival outfit can add the perfect touch of personal flair to your look! Besides a pashmina, rave goggles, cute socks, and body harnesses - one great way to step up your festival style is by using pins and patches.

Hat pins have become a staple in basshead fashion. They make it easy to identify a fellow raver when you’re out at the supermarket. Or, when you’re lost in the crowd and you see someone with a pin of your favorite artist - instant homie!

Pins don’t have to go on your snapback. They also look great on a backpack or fanny pack. A solo pin is a cute touch, but I love creating little collages with a bunch of pins on the same surface. Play around with the placement to create the best look.

Pro tip: make sure to order the metal locking pin backs to avoid losing your pins. The rubber backs are prone to falling off.

Pin Collecting

One of the coolest aspects about pins is that some are limited edition or even vintage, meaning only a certain number were made in that design or colorway or that they're older. While some of the limited edition heady pins can become pricey (cough cough, Tipper Goddess set), they’re a really cool way to express your interest in an artist.

If you’ve ever been gifted a pin at a festival, you know how special it is to receive that love from a fellow raver. Pins can make for very meaningful gifts or trades, so if you find yourself in a beautiful moment, connecting with another person in the crowd, think about making a trade or sending them off with a pin as a gift.


Another way to express yourself through your festy outfit is with patches. My iconic denim jacket is loaded with patches that I’ve sewn on by hand. Over the years, I’ve scored patches at vendor booths, individual sellers, on Etsy, and through various raver Facebook groups.

For ravers who live in cold climates and need something to keep warm at an outdoor event, a patched up denim jacket will complete your look in all the right ways. Maybe you’re too cool for sleeves and want to make a patched up, denim, sleeveless vest - also a cool look!

If you’re shaking your head thinking, “denim jackets aren’t for me,” I feel you. What about a small backpack? Or, a pair of shorts? Sew some patches onto the pockets and you’ve got an instant vibe.

Patches present the chance to upcycle and revamp old, boring clothes and give them a new life. Take a look through your closet or visit a thrift store to find the right vessel to make your patches shine.

Pro tip: sand paper can help add a distressed look to your denim. Combine distressed denim with patches and pins and you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

Next time you’re planning your festival outfits, consider accessorizing with pins and patches. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who will strike up a conversation with you based on that cool pin or patch. It’s a conversation starter, an easy way to express your interests, and best of all - a chance to flex what makes you unique.

Rachel Honey Freeman is a journalist, editor, and social media strategist with a passion for telling compelling stories. She lives in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida - a cultural hub for art, music, and food. In her free time, she enjoys lounging at the beach in her hammock, camping, going to farmers markets, fire dancing, and of course - raving! Rachel's all-time favorite festival is Hulaween.

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