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Fanny Pack Essentials for Camping Festivals
Photo Credit: Rachel Honey Freeman

Fanny Pack Essentials for Camping Festivals

Fanny packs change the game at camping festivals, letting you rage hands-free without worrying about losing or leaving behind a purse. Plus, when you wear a fanny pack facing forward, they can help prevent theft! At your next camping festival, ditch the backpack and keep all your essential belongings in a fanny pack. With all your things tucked safely away in your hip pack, you can enjoy the festival without worry and dance the night away!

You might be thinking, “what do I need to bring with me?” The nice thing about going to a camping festival is you can always go back to your campsite if you happen to forget something. That being said, I like to double check my hip pack before heading to the stage area to make sure I have everything I need. Here are all the essential goodies you should keep in your fanny pack at your next camping festival.

  • A small flashlight or head lamp. Depending on where you’re camping, it could be a dark road back to your campsite at the end of the night. And let’s be real, your phone probably isn’t charged. If it is, keep it in your fanny pack, too - but if not, it may be best to leave it locked in your car to avoid losing it.
  • Your ID and cash.
  • A foldable fan - be careful about overheating at summertime festivals!
  • A printed map of the festival and a printed lineup schedule. Most camping fests have hard copies of maps and schedules available to help you navigate around the grounds and stay on track to see your favorite sets. When you get your map, take a mental note of where key amenities are - especially the medical tent and water refill stations. I like to highlight or circle the acts that are must sees on the schedule. This way, even if my phone is dead or locked safely in my car, I can still find my way to my favorite DJs!

Here are some fun, additional things you can tuck away in your fanny pack to help you enjoy the fest.

  • Gum - duh!
  • Hair ties.
  • A disposable camera.
  • Kandi, stickers, or other fun gifts to give out to new friends.
  • A mini deodorant stick. Yes, you need it.
  • Glow sticks.
  • Chapstick.
  • Essential oils.
  • Kaleidoscope glasses.
  • If you’re a flow artist, your hoop, leviwand, or poi may come with a remote to change the color settings. I always bring my LED leviwand remote with me in my pack.

Pro tip: bring some carabiner clips to attach to your fanny pack. That way, you can clip your flashlight or foldable fan to the outside of your pack - leaving more space inside for the essentials.

Another pro tip: I prefer utility belts over fanny packs because they have more pockets and I love the way they look - very post-apocalyptic, functional raver vibes. Plus, most utility belts have rings on the outside to make it easy for carabiner clips. I also love wearing my tail to festivals, and my utility belt has a ring on the back to clip my tail to. Meow!

I get a certain satisfaction knowing I have everything I need on my person at all times. If you’re heading to a multi-day camping festival, I highly encourage a hip pack of some sort to carry your essentials. Your mind will be at ease knowing you won’t lose your bag, and you can dance without stressing over carrying a backpack or purse. You can shop fanny packs at iHeartRaves here. Now, go bust a move!

Rachel Honey Freeman is a journalist, editor, and social media strategist with a passion for telling compelling stories. She lives in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida - a cultural hub for art, music, and food. In her free time, she enjoys lounging at the beach in her hammock, camping, going to farmers markets, fire dancing, and of course - raving! Rachel's all-time favorite festival is Hulaween.

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