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As soon as Bassnectar even hinted at the idea of this festival, I knew I HAD to go. I would travel to the ends of this world for the man himself, and the idea of getting to see him at on a beach in a foreign country was irresistible.

My boyfriend and I, at the time, copped a package as soon as they went on sale. Sadly, the basic room package we wanted sold out within the first few minutes after the drop. We ended up securing a premium package with a balcony hot tub (which I was not mad about).

The lineup for Deja Voom was right up my alley. It featured the man himself performing 3 unique sets and even boasted a Dirty Bird Pool party one of the days. Other artists on the lineup included Rezz, The Glitch Mob, and 12th Planet.

Deja Voom 2019 Lineup

Saying I was excited about this event is an understatement. I spent months planning my outfits and made sure to book our flights and excursions ahead of time to save money.


I didn’t sleep for even an hour the night before our flights to Mexico. This was my most highly anticipated event of the year and I wanted to absorb every minute of all of its greatness. After a short flight from Florida to Cancun, I was in Mexico!


Following customs, we were greeted immediately by smiling employees carrying Deja Voom signs. They provided buses from the airport directly to the resort, and the energy coming off all the bassheads on the way to the resort was insane. This was going to be the best event of the year!


As soon as we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by more smiling employees handing us tequila lemonades. They weren’t kidding when they said alcohol would be flowing! The check-in process was quick and easy, and a bellhop took our luggage directly to our room.

Dejavoom Premium Package


I 1000% believe the premium package was worth the extra money. Our room was massive and the staff treated us by leaving a bottle of tequila in our room. The room also had two huge couches and a private hot tub on the balcony. Not to mention- we were directly above the pool where Claude and all his dirty birds would be throwing down later that weekend.


Between the Haven, the pool parties, and the excursions, there were plenty of things to keep the attendees preoccupied during the day.

I did spend a lot of time at the Haven soaking up all the positive vibes. Bassnectar turned a small theatre in the resort into a full-time relaxation area. Tables were set up with ambassadors ready to answer questions. The gift alter also made a return, and I even scored a box of girl scout cookies from there!

Pool Party at Dejavoom


The Haven also provided a series of workshops for festival goers to attend. I only got a chance to attend the Reiki healing session and one of the yoga sessions, but if I could go back I would definitely do more.

The Haven Dejavoom

As far as excursions go, there were a few you could book through the CID portal that was exclusively for festival attendees. I decided to book the Tulum day trip, which was one of the cheaper and closer options for our resort.

Tulum in Quintana Roo


Tulum is a popular tourist destination in Quintana Roo. The city boasts ancient Maya ruins and thousands of visitors come in each day to see the sites. This was one of the aspects of the festival I liked the most- having the ability to go off and see what a different country had to offer. Shoutout to all my bassheads on the Tulum day trip!

Basshead in Bassnectar Shirt at Deja Voom


Once the sun went down, the freaks came out! Each night we headed towards the beach towards the festival grounds. The stage was actually placed on the beach, meaning you could dip your toes in the water while watching your favorite artist play.

Bienvenidos Sign at Night at Deja Voom Festival

After walking past the Bienvenidos light up sign, we were greeted by tons of waiters carrying trays of beer and margaritas. They were placed around the venue and were even walking through the crowd bringing guests drinks. The staff was extremely nice and all seemed to be enjoying the music as much as we were.

Deja Voom Stage at Night time


After the main sets ended, the party continued until early in the morning. The late night sets were insane! The resort had three different clubs that were turned into after parties. They even hosted a late night buffet right outside the clubs filled with munchies.


During the event, there were several social media posts about the bassheads at the resort and how disrespectful they were to the other guests. I’ll admit, there were definitely a few bassheads running around until the wee hours of the morning keeping people up. I did hear one elderly couple complain to some staff- but for the most part, everyone else seemed to be enjoying their time too much to care about what we were doing. I also talked to the staff directly and they said they didn’t have a problem with any of the attendees- just the other guests at the resort. They also mentioned to me that they had dealt with worse concertgoers at some of the other events they hosted and that we were better tippers than all their other guests.


I 100% believe I will be attending Deja Voom next year. When you break it down, the high cost is worth it (especially if you consume as much tequila and tacos that I did). This experience was one I will never forget, and I highly recommend any basshead to start saving now for next year. I promise this is one Bassnectar event you won’t want to miss again. 

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