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Countdown NYE Style Guide

Countdown NYE Style Guide

Take us to your leader! We couldn’t be more excited to blast off to space this New Year’s Eve with Insomniac’s annual SoCal rave, Countdown. We are just as excited to dress up for this alien invasion as we are to get down to our favorite DJs under the California sky.

At the end of the day, we don’t really know what creatures outside our solar system actually look like, so this is your chance to let your imagination run wild. Here are some rave outfit ideas to get your brain percolating.

Too Cool For Space

A black and silver motif is an easy way to subtly hint at space travel. Think of the colors of UFOs ;) Add dad sneakers for ultimate shuffling ability. 

NYE cool alien inspired outfit

Intergalactic Cropped Metallic Jacket, Liquid Leather Bodysuit, Cool Cat Sunglasses, Martian Dad Hat, Black Lace Up Dad Sneakers


Let’s Take A Trip

Get psychedelic with black rainbow vibes. Our bondage harness can be worn over a bodysuit or with just pasties & our leggings are super comfy. Add a dash of rainbow hair glitter and platform shoes to complete the look. 

NYE alien inspired outfit


Bondage Harness, Pastease Glitter Glow In The Dark Alien Pasties,  Dance To The Groove Leggings, Confetti Pop Glitter Hair Gel, Demonia Badass Chunky Platform Boots

Outta This World

Flip into another dimension with our Mary Jane meets Martian look. The mix of lime green and black is super cyber and gives off total Matrix vibes. 


NYE marijuana inspired outfit

Fierce And Free Fence Net Crop TopDemonia Super Stacked Platform Boots, Fluffy Alien Light Up Choker, Mary Jane Joggers

 Hologram Starz

Dress like you're set to light up the night sky in sparkling silver with holographic details. You'll be the star of the show with these dazzling details. 

NYE hologram inspired outfit

Shine Bright High Waisted ShortsOpal Boogie Down Crop Tube Top, Time To Shine Holographic Skirt, Gypsy Shrine Starry Eyes Face Jewels

Ready For Blastoff

Travel interdimensionally in this Space Babe fit. Pair super stacked platforms with a sparkly long-sleeve bodysuit for a badass look. 

NYE space inspired outfit

Vinyl Body Harness, Pixie High Cut Hooded Bodysuit, Demonia Strappy Holographic Platform BootsDrifting Spaceman Seamless Mask Bandana

Even Aliens Get Cold

Make sure to have a cozy jacket to keep you warm between sets. A faux fur option will look cute over any outfit. 

fuzzy jackets for staying warm at festivals

Wicked Fabulous Fur Jacket, Fabulous Faux Fur Cropped Jacket, J. Valentine Solid Light Up Cropped Fur Jacket

Remember: New Year's Eve is the beginning of a fresh start, so dress the part! Tickets to Countdown are still available - grab yours before they disappear into outer space! 

Countdown 2018 Lineup

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