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The holidays have passed, the set times have dropped, New Years Eve is only a few days away! So who made your list to see at the greatest party to close out the decade? Southern California’s top New Years Eve festival, Countdown 2019, boasts an insane lineup that will be sure to keep you warm running from stage to stage. 

Countdown 2019 Lineup

If you’ve received your wristband but are still stumped on who to lock in on your lineup, or you’re still debating on full sending it to this festival, worry not because this article will help persuade you to make those difficult decisions. 

While this stacked lineup is sure to have artists you’ll be dying to see, I’m sharing my thoughts to help narrow down those set conflict choices. 

Here are the top 5  sets I’m making a priority to attend at Countdown 2019. 


Porter Robinson

Yes, I am extremely biased because Porter has been my all time favorite artist for years, but for good reason! If you’ve never seen a Porter Robinson set, or you’ve seen 50, this is one performance you will not want to miss out on. His melodic beats and colorful visuals lift your soul and transport you to another world. Plus, he’s one of the artists ringing in the new year at midnight! Who doesn’t want to kiss their rave bae or dance into 2020 with Divinity or Shelter as the song that introduces you to the new decade? 



SVDDEN DEATH is making his VOYD set at Countdown the first set his plays in the 2020’s. VOYD has been annihilating audiences in 2019, with theatrical stage presence and insane visuals, but according to SVDDEN DEATH the Countdown VOYD set is the one that really counts. 

This set will be a basshead’s dream come true, so if you have an itch to do some serious headbanging make sure to keep SVDDEN DEATH in mind. 


Oliver Heldens

If Oliver Heldens is on a lineup I always try to make it a priority to see him. His groovy sound creates the perfect atmosphere to let loose and vibe to some serious house tunes. If you’re a fan of his funky beats, this set is sure to make you walk away in a much better mood (even if you’re already having the time of your life). 


Jai Wolf

Want to be all up in your feels? Jai Wolf brings his emotional tracks to the table for every set he plays and Countdown should be no different. I have been particularly stoked to see him play since he released his album, The Cure to Loneliness, in April of this year. His newer indie/folk tunes are definitely a change of speed compared to the rest of the festival and I’m so excited to dive in head first. 


12th Planet

Why not melt your face off for the final set of the night? It was an extremely tough decision but 12th Planet has occupied my slot for the final set of Countdown. This is the perfect set to throw down any remaining energy you have at the end of the night and get down to some serious riddim and deep dubstep beats. 


I’ve shown you my essential lineup, so tell me who’s on your list of CANNOT miss at Countdown 2019? 

Still haven’t locked in your tickets? Get them before they’re gone! 

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