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Big Dub was a festival suggested to me in 2018 by a friend who knew how much I loved Electric Forest. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend that year, but in 2019 I made it a point to try to go to festivals I had never been to before. So, Big Dub made the list! I’m so glad I went, because it quickly and easily became one of my favorite festivals I’ve ever been to.

Here are 5 reasons to consider making Big Dub one of the festivals on YOUR 2020 list!

1. The Vibes

Although I truly don’t believe any two festivals are totally the same, I completely understand why my friend told me if I love Electric Forest so much, I’d also love Big Dub. They were very similar for the vibes they give off. It’s a very chill, relaxed and at your own pace type of festival.

It’s also a camping festival which always gives an extra layer of really connecting to the festival. The way I described it to my friend was, “I got to do everything here that I wanted but didn’t have the chance to at Electric Forest.” I said that because, for anyone who has ever been to Forest, you KNOW there is just SO much to do that sometimes it’s hard to stay still or just relax because you don’t want to “waste” that time for exploring, etc. Big Dub allows plenty of time to just soak in the moment and really be in tune with the comfort of the outdoors.

Ariel Yoga at Big Dub Festival
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2. The Intimacy

Unlike many major festivals, Big Dub is a super small festival. That’s where truly so much of its beauty lies. They’re really focused on the experience of the festival and allowing each attendee to really soak it all in, in a peaceful and joyful way. Because of its small size, you really become a family with everyone around you. More than just your camping neighbors, you honestly see so many of the same people over and over throughout the weekend that it’s next to impossible to now grow your festival family!

Couple at Big Dub Festival

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3. It’s BYOB

Yup! You heard me! It’s BYOB! Glass isn’t allowed, but you’re free to bring alcohol with you into the festival grounds. This has so many amazing benefits that just aren't a possibility at other festivals. You don’t have to chance pregaming too hard in hopes of lasting you a buzz throughout the whole festival AND you don’t have to spend your money on those insane festival drink prices!

BYOB at BIg Dub Festival

4. The Activities

My top two favorite activities I went to were: Power Hour and Catalina Wine Mixer (YUP! remember, BYOB!!!) For Power Hour, there was a DJ playing and every time he switched the song… you guessed it, YOU’D DRINK! The Catalina Wine Mixer was truly just about the entire festival of people all in the same place, dancing, vibing and all with their own bag of wine. You’d literally just make friends with people and have them slap your bag, and then of course, slap theirs back. WINE on WINE on WINE! These are just a few activities that were available, but the two that I attended that really were something so unique that doesn’t happen at other festivals at all!

Giant Card Games at Big Dub Festival
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5. The Price

Again, because of the tight-knit essence to this festival, the prices are jaw-dropping (in a good way!) You have plenty of price-point options to choose from based on where you’d like to camp and which day you want to arrive. This year’s festival dates are as early as Tuesday, July 21st until Sunday, July 26th. Tickets are on sale now at!

Still not convinced? Or just want to get a better glimpse into what I’m talking about? Check out their recap videos from the last two years to get an even better feel for the amazing energy that comes from attending Big Dub Festival!


Stay tuned for Big Dub lineup information coming soon! 

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