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How to Prepare for Beyond Wonderland 2021
Photo Credit: iHeartRaves

How to Prepare for Beyond Wonderland 2021

This summer was definitely filled with lots of festivals and raves, and what better way to celebrate the end of summer than with Beyond Wonderland! Here is everything you need to know about Beyond Wonderland 2021, including what to wear to the trippy themed festival.

What is Beyond Wonderland?

This festival takes place August 27th -28th at the NOS Events Center located in San Bernardino. This festival will take you down the rabbit hole with its Alice in Wonderland theme and lots of multidimensional decorations and amazing stages. 

Who is playing at Beyond Wonderland?

This year’s festival has a lineup that is stacked both days, with headliners such as Dillon Francis, Tiesto, Valentino Khan, Wooli, Alison Wonderland, Gryffin, Barely Alive b2b Modestep b2b Virtual Riot and many more! There are also lots of themed stages, including Dreamstate, Basscon and Factory 93, where you can definitely find various types of music that’s right up your alley and genres to explore. 

What to Bring

With a two day festival that goes all day and night, it is nice to arrive prepared. Here are some helpful items that will make your time at the festival much more enjoyable.

  • Festival ticket: this year, attendants will receive a wristband to get into the festival. Make sure to slip it on your wrist (not too tight or loose) and keep it on for the weekend so that you don’t lose it!
  • Vaccine card/negative COVID-19 test: it is important to stay healthy for this year’s festivals and with that, the festival has rules on the COVID-19 vaccine and negative test verification before entering. Make sure you have proof of this in the form of a copy or digital proof on your phone before heading to the festival
  • Masks: masks are strongly encouraged for everyone despite vaccinated status so bring some cute ones to match your outfit! iHeartRaves has lots of cute ones you can findhere
  • Hydration pack: you can find lots of cute bags on iHeartRaveshere that not only look cute and can carry lots of items, but will keep you hydrated all day
  • Fanny pack: if you’re not a fan of carrying a big bag, a fanny pack is super convenient that can give you easy access to important items like your phone and wallet
  • Hand fan: with the festival taking place in the summer and in SoCal weather, it is nice to have a large fan that you can use to cool off you and your crew. You can find a variety of fans and accessorieshere
  • Earplugs: if you like head banging on the rails, it’s nice to bring some artist or foam earplugs to protect your hearing!
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses: it’s super important to keep your skin and eyes protected from the sun being at the festival all day, so bring some sunglasses and sunscreen that you can apply throughout the day. 
  • Flow toys: flow toys are allowed at Beyond Wonderland so if you have any, definitely bring them with you to show off your moves in the crowd!
  • Gum: chewing on gum is super refreshing while in a crowd at a festival so bring them with, unopened

For a full list of what you can and can’t bring, check out the list on the official website for Beyond Wonderlandhere.


What To Wear

Festivals are a great place to show off your rave fashion! iHeartRaves has lots of cute rave clothes to choose from. You can check out our previous blog posthere that has a descriptive guide to help you choose your outfits for Beyond Wonderland!

Overall, Beyond Wonderland has some of the best vibes for a festival and with the stacked lineup for this year, it will be an amazing way to end the summer. 

Katherine Xu is a blogger at iHeartRaves.

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