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Every year, there are dozens of festivals all over the world that are unique in their own ways. Many of them feature lots of different DJs and artists, have their own themes, and have amazing production. This article will specifically focus on the festivals with the best production. Here are the top 5 festivals around the world with the most mind-blowing production.

Shambhala Music Festival

Photo: Shambhala Music Festival 

Shambhala Music Festival takes place in the scenic valleys of British Columbia, at the Salmo River Ranch, which is home to many farm animals, views, and gardens. There is the Salmo River that runs through the festival, and ravers can enjoy their time along the river as well. This festival takes place over the span of 5 days, and features non-stop music, many different events and attractions, which makes it a unique journey for every attendee.

There are tons of attractions at Shambhala that light up the place throughout the day and night, as well as many artists doing live art all over the venue. On top of that, as an attendee, there are many activities that you can participate in, such as yoga sessions, lots of different workshops that include art and meditation related events, and more. And of course, the stages themselves are decked out in eye-catching designs and decorations.

Each stage at Shambhala is a different experience, from the music that is played to the production that each features, and the lights and lasers that go with each stage, making every stage a different journey.

Burning Man

Photo: Wikipedia

Burning Man is a completely different experience than what you expect from a normal festival because it's not a festival. Burning Man is a project that they call an “ecosystem of artists, makers, and community organizers” that all get together and create Black Rock City, a temporary city constructed for one week every year in the north Nevada desert. 

Black Rock City is built by festival-goers, complete with art cars, massive art installments you can climb on, and a huge city full of events and gatherings to explore. It is more than just a festival, it is a city that embraces self-expression, creativity, collaboration, art and valuing the principles that they uphold, including the focus on the ecosystem.

The roots of Burning Man are all about having an immersive experience and enjoying a sense of immediacy, so the festival changes every year and doesn't release any lineup information ahead of time. In fact, the festival itself doesn't supply anything but the infrastructure! The attendees create all of the events, art and parties. 

Ultra Music Festival

Photo: Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the U.S. and takes place in sunny and warm Miami, right along the beach at Bayfront Park. This festival has some of the craziest stages; they are notorious for their Megastructure, which is a huge covered dome and usually has moving LED panels and designs inside that display crazy light and laser shows.

Ultra Music Festival is also known for having a massive main stage that is usually covered in LED screens from top to bottom and arranged in wild designs. You get a view of one of the coolest main stage designs at a festival, and right behind you is the skyline of Miami; those views combined with a sunset set is probably one of the best parts of the festival. 

Electric Daisy Carnival

Photo: Insomniac Events 

EDC takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and for an entire weekend, hundreds of thousands of ravers gather for a unique festival experience that takes place from Dusk till Dawn. It is the biggest EDM festival in the U.S. and the production is out of this world. There are tons of attractions that light up and guide you throughout the venue. The theme changes from year to year for this festival, but it is always a magical moment.

There are lots of stages at EDC that feature different sub-genres of EDM, and the two main stages are always massive designs that are colorful, with tons of lasers, lights, and pyro that is in sync with the music. Not only are the stages and music unique, there are tons of areas that ravers can explore, such as Downtown EDC, Daisy Lane, Rainbow Road and more that each have their own attractions and photo opportunities. No matter where you are, you will have something to do and something to see at all times.

Tomorrowland Music Festival

Photo: Wikipedia

Tomorrowland is infamous for being the largest EDM festival in the world. This festival takes place in Belgium and features some of the top tier productions at a festival. There are tons of massive stages that are decorated with some of the most unique art and designs.

Inside Tomorrowland, there are lots of different events and places to visit, like DreamVille, which is the destination to be at after the festival. There are shops, activities and services all around, such as a Marketplace, a chill spot where you can engage in activities like yoga and workout sessions to get you energized for the festival! Altogether, being at Tomorrowland will make you feel like you are in a village of a different world for a weekend, especially with the music and production as well. 

Many people attend the festivals not just for the music, but for all the extra activities and production that the festival has to offer. Next time you head out to a festival, look beyond the music and you’ll see just how important the production of a festival is for making the experience unique and unlike any other. A lot of effort goes into putting a festival together, so it’s important to acknowledge and respect the art and creativity that the production brings!

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